Grantee Spotlight, April 2014: Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company

Federico Restrepo founded Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company, a non-profit experimental arts organization, in 1986 to expand the use of puppetry in dance theatre. The company explores the junction of race, culture, history, art, media and technology in New York and throughout the global community by developing and promoting creative productions of dance, theatre, puppets, visual arts, multimedia and other forms. Loco7 provides an artistic home and a professional foundation for a multi-cultural group of performers, designers and theatre artists who collaborate with the company on a project basis.

Restrepo, a native of Bogotá, Colombia, cites his intense love and passion for the history of the Americas and his journeys in New York as a constant source of inspiration for his work as an artist. With Loco7 and support from LaMaMa, he has premiered fourteen original pieces in New York City, with subsequent tours throughout the world. With these works, Restrepo has endeavored to incorporate social issues with music, dance, words and visuals of all types to transcend traditional stage performance, and bring a broader theatrical experience to light.

Since 1986, Loco7's mission has been to develop the use of puppetry as an instrument for the dancer, a style that incorporates dance and design. Utilizing original rhythmic music, live musicians, dancers, body puppets and larger than life marionettes, the company’s objective is to merge these various elements and to weave a choreography that extends beyond the body of the dancer.

Loco7’s new work, “Seucy and Boto: Stories fro the Amazon Jungle” translates an ancient South American myth for children. Restrepo notes that mythology can be tricky to translate for children, because the subject matter can be very brutal, but with “Seucy and Boto,” Loco7 aims to adapt the core messages of the myths instead of the literal narrative. The production features a mix of dancers, actors and puppeteers, many of whom are new to the company, alongside long-time company members, including: Hope Kroog, Kiku Sakai, Quimen Sanchez, Katie Ostrowski, Giacomo Rochini, Jeanne Lauren Smith, Soukeina El Isbihani, Chriz Zaborowski (musician), and Denise Greber, who will co-write and produce.

“Seucy and Boto” will be featured as a part of LaMaMa Kids, a series of creative workshops and performances for the young and the young at heart, on April 19, 2014 at 11:00AM. For information and tickets, please visit lamama.org

Around Town Opportunities

BRIC House Fireworks Residency Open Call!

The BRIC House Fireworks Residency is designed to bring together artists of different disciplines who share a vision, and provide them with technical and financial resources to facilitate the collaborative development of creative projects that cross or erase artistic boundaries. Two projects will receive commissions of $15,000 and $30,000, respectively.

DEADLINE: March 24, 2014.

Details at BRICartsmedia.org/fireworks2014.

Around Town Opportunities

Floating Library

Dear Artist/Thinker/Poet/Writer,

Do you have a writing project, artist book, unpublished novel, article, manifesto, dissertation, or poem that you would like to share with the world by being included amongst the reading materials on the Floating Library? The Floating Library is interested in featuring unpublished/little known artists' writings and book projects. Although we do not want to limit your creativity, we are specifically interested in content related to social movements, public space, feminism, queer theory, environmental health, creative activism, DIY culture, poetry, guerrilla gardening, holistic health, geography, children literature, pirates, post-colonialism and diaspora (yes, that is quite a wide range!). Please understand that the accepted work will not be returned as it will be donated to school at the end of the project in order for the generosity of the project to continue on. In no way will we make a profit off of your work and your intellectual property rights will be respected. Your participation will be acknowledged and honored on our website and other social media outlets.

Yours Truly,

The Floating Library Crew

For more information and to submit a project, click here.

Project descriptions must be submitted via the above link by May 9th, 2014 12:00AM EST to be considered.

Grantee Spotlight, March 2014: Dzul Dance

Javier Dzul, Artistic Director of Dzul Dance, was born and raised in a Mayan tribal community in southern Mexico performing ritual dances, speaking Mayan and studying ancient teachings until the age of sixteen. As a ritual dancer, he learned to transform his body into different animals and elements as a means to communicate with Mayan gods and nature. In response to the changing political climate regarding the indigenous populations, Dzul moved to Xalapa, Veracruz to study dance and learn the Spanish language.

In 2003, Dzul formed Dzul Dance with a mission to fuse multiple dance forms with aerial arts and contortion as a means to communicate indigenous pre-Hispanic, Mexican, and Latin culture and to create bridges between contemporary art and historical heritage. The work of the company draws on Mayan art, emphasizing the significance of details found in Mayan glyphs and ancient drawings, and aiming to mirror that detailed symbolism through choreography. Dzul Dance focuses on the drama and beauty of the natural world and human condition by combining different physical disciplines to revitalize ancient culture in a modern world.

Dzul Dance became a not-for-profit organization in 2012, and has been presented throughout New York and Mexico, as well as in South America, Europe, Canada, Asia and the Virgin Islands. They have been presented by institutions such as the United Nations, Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), and they have participated in international festivals including Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland), Festival Internacional Cervantino (Mexico), Bard College Summerscape and MexicoNow (NYC). In 2005, Dzul established the Dzul Dance Community & Youth Outreach Program, since then bringing the artistry and vocabulary of Dzul Dance to over 7,000 young people in six countries in communities with limited or no access to the performing arts. Youth and community outreach are a vital part of Dzul’s vision as an artist, teacher and creator.

Mexico Maya was created in 2013 to celebrate Dzul Dance’s ten-year anniversary. The evening length choreography offers glimpses of the journey of an artist from the rain forest of southern Mexico to the metropolis of New York and how it has shaped the vision of his dance company. Mexico Maya will be presented at El Museo del Barrio as part of their Sabado series on Saturday, March 15th at 4:00pm. The event is free and open to the public, and no tickets or reservations are necessary. For more information about Javier Dzul and Dzul Dance, please visit www.dzuldance.com.

Around Town Opportunities

Request for Proposals for Women, Arts & Activism Fund

The Asian Women Giving Circle, a donor advised fund of the Ms. Foundation for Women, is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for its Women, Arts & Activism Fund.

Through this RFP, the Asian Women Giving Circle seeks to support Asian American women-led projects that use the tools of culture, the arts and education to raise awareness and catalyze action around critical issues that impact Asian American communities. As such, the focus of this grantmaking will be on programs and projects that combine the arts with activism, and which highlight and promote women's central role in their leadership, creation, development and management.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is Friday, March 7, 2014 at 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

For the complete RFP and application materials, please visit: Ms. Foundation for Women's website.

Around Town Opportunities

2014 Barrier Beautification Open Call

The NYCDOT Art Program invites emerging and established artists and graphic designers to submit proposals for the spring 2014 Barrier Beautification open call to beautify barrier sites in all five boroughs with colorful murals. Over the past few years, DOT and New York Cares have produced 25 temporary murals on barrier sites around the City. Selected artists receive a design honorarium of $2,000 and a materials fee of $500 to cover costs to produce stencils. In addition, the agency, in partnership with NY Cares, provides supplies to paint the murals onto the barriers. All proposals must include the Barrier Beautification application form, 1 conceptual design, 3 images of past work and an artist resume.

For complete submissions guidelines, visit: www.nyc.gov/urbanart.

Postmark deadline: Friday, March 7, 2014.

Around Town Opportunities

Spaceworks LIC Launch

Spaceworks Long Island City is home to 4 large studios for dance, theater and music makers. These affordable workspaces are rented exclusively as rehearsal space to develop live performance and are available for $12-16/hour.

Performing artists use a modern booking and access system to reserve rehearsal space online and swipe into the studio during their reservation. Get Your Spaceworks Card today to start rehearsing.

To celebrate the launch of its premiere rehearsal facility, Spaceworks is offering 20% off all rehearsals through May 31, 2014—use code “MAKEART20” to redeem.

Spaceworks is a nonprofit real estate organization dedicated to expanding the supply of long-term, affordable rehearsal and studio space for artists in New York City. For more information visit spaceworksnyc.org.

Contact: info@spaceworksnyc.org or (718) 408-8755.

Around Town Opportunities

2014 NARS Foundation Emerging Curator Program

Deadline: March 3, 2014

The Emerging Curator Program offers an opportunity for an individual to organize a conceptually cohesive group show at the NARS Foundation Gallery, and aims to create a platform for emerging curators and artists to exchange ideas. The curator is provided with exhibition space and administrative support in order to present innovative ideas and artworks in a unique gallery surrounded by artist studios. No prior curatorial experience required. The exhibition will be scheduled between the months of June and July, 2014.

Applications and Guidelines can be found here
All inquiries, please contact info@narsfoundation.org.

Grantee Spotlight, January 2014: Judy Tate

The American Slavery Project (ASP) began as a project of The New Black Fest as a theatrical response to historical revisionism in the American discourse around slavery, the Civil War, and Jim Crow. The project was conceived in recognition of the controversy surrounding the celebration of the Civil War’s sesquicentennial. ASP responded by producing a 5-play reading series with a mission to support African American writers writing about the Civil War era as well as to create new work, start conversations within the community, and to give educational workshops.

Judy Tate transitioned ASP to an independent project. Tate’s work as a playwright creates fictional worlds in historical eras with the specific goal of examining what the world was like before certain ideas that are considered self-evident today took hold, and the implications of those ideas’ adoption – personal, social and political. With the support of a 2013 Fund for Creative Communities grant, she developed “Unheard Voices,“ ASP’s first original work, a collectively written monologue play based on the 419 burials discovered nearly 25 years ago in Lower Manhattan in what had been colonial New York’s African Burial Ground. ASP commissioned seventeen well-known African American writers to study the era, examine the archives at the New York Historical Society and the African Burial Ground Museum, and choose a single burial to commemorate by imagining the life of the person buried within. There are no extant records of the deceased, however archaeologists were able to determine age ranges and genders. In creating simple monologues about the imagined daily lives of these unknown people, “Unheard Voices” sought to bring an individualized humanity to the monolithic themes that define the contemporary ideas of slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Last spring, Tate returned to LMCC as an applicant to the Creative Curricula program, proposing to adapt the model used to develop “Unheard Voices” for high school students in collaboration with Wanda Caine, a teacher at Manhattan Theater Lab. After bringing students to see a performance of “Unheard Voices” at the New York Historical Society, The American Slavery Project: High School Lab guided them through the same process that the professional playwrights had used. After researching the Civil War era, students chose a burial from which to create an imagined character and the world in which that character lived. Tate noted that one core lesson for students was that they were not simply trying to explain the death of the person whose burial plot they chose, but instead they were trying to give voice to and honor the lives of the unknown men, women, and children who lived and worked in Lower Manhattan during the colonial era. Throughout the writing process, guest artists were brought in to support the student playwrights, and at the end of the workshop series, the students and their school experienced professional actors performing the final monologues.

Grantee Spotlight, January 2014: Bamboo Sculptures: Exploring Patterns in Nature

With her Creative Curricula project, Bamboo Sculptures: Exploring Patterns in Nature, Kathy Bruce worked with 30 fifth grade students at PS 126 MAT in Chinatown to investigate the aesthetic consideration of line, shape, scale and space by fabricating bamboo structures based on geometric patterns found in nature. Bruce worked with the school art teacher in consultation with math and technology teachers to develop this multidisciplinary project that evolved through daily 50-minute sessions over a 2-month period. Students learned about the geography, biology and history of bamboo as well as its various uses in contemporary building and design industries.

Bruce began working with bamboo as a sculptural medium in her own artistic practice after seeing the construction of torres (firework towers) at festivals in Peru. Working with bamboo instead of wood provided many practical as well as aesthetic advantages for Bruce’s sculptures. She found that bamboo’s environmental constitution, availability, flexibility, and cost were extremely beneficial. Bamboo lends itself easily to the use of hand tools, limiting electrical consumption and allowing a non-invasive approach to creating artwork outdoors within the natural environment. Bruce’s site-specific bamboo sculptures explore archetypal female forms within the context of environmental issues. Her works allude to universal female symbols, as they appear in ancient history and the earliest civilizations, interpreted within a contemporary context. Each of Bruce’s sculptures draw upon factors such as the geographic location, climate and ecosystem of the site, drawing inspiration from earth mounds and organic structures and their relationship to natural life cycles.

With the support of the Creative Curricula program, it became possible for Bruce to provide the “sculptural” materials for this project that would otherwise have been too costly for the school arts program. Bruce noted that by the end of the project, even the most initially challenged students were able to build basic geometric structures with bamboo. Bamboo Sculptures: Exploring Patterns in Nature culminated in a celebration of the collaborative student sculpture titled “Arch of Triangles,” which will remain in the MAT school courtyard for the whole community to enjoy until the end of the school year.

Students also took a class fieldtrip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens where, using maps, they identified ten species of live bamboo growing in situ. Students documented their observations by measuring width and estimating the height of the bamboo stalks, and the described or drew the characteristics of each. This trip was a first time experience for most of the students, who live near the school in Chinatown.

Around Town Events

Catch — & — Release, featuring Pier 42 participants Yeju Choi and Chat Travieso

Catch — & — Release is a participatory design installation temporarily set up underneath the FDR at John Street. As part of the Design/Relief initiative launched by AIGA, Catch — & — Release aims to engage individuals within the neighborhood and to inspire the South Street Seaport community(one of the many communities impacted by Superstorm Sandy).

Yeju Choi and Chat Travieso, both Path to Pier 42 participants, took part in the design of this project.

When: Tuesday-Sunday from 11-7PM, January 14 - February 2, 2014

Where: Design/Relief box, under the FDR (near intersection of South Street and John Street)

Learn more here.

Around Town Opportunities

2014 Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award

2014 Application Guidelines
Deadline: January 31, 2014
Installation: July, 2014 (subject to change)

Clare Weiss (1966-2010) was the Public Art Curator for New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation. During her tenure she curated more than 100 outdoor public art installations throughout the city and organized complex, thought-provoking and visually compelling thematic exhibitions for the Arsenal Gallery. Clare’s passion, humanity, energy, courage, and collaborative zeal were valued by all who knew her.

The Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award is granted annually to one emerging artist who submits the most compelling proposal for an outdoor sculpture in a New York City park. The location changes annually and is determined based on the site’s visibility and proximity within a neighborhood underserved by public art.

For full details, click here.

Around Town Events

Stuart Hawkins: Everyone Knows What It Looks Like

Zach Feuer Gallery presents Everyone Knows What It Looks Like, an exhibition of new paintings by Workspace participant Stuart Hawkins.

Exhibition dates: January 9 - February 15, 2014
Open reception Thursday, January 9, 6-8PM

Zach Feuer Gallery
548 West 22nd Street
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10-6

Around Town Events

New Play Features Installation Design By Abigail DeVille

JACK produces the first professional production of this bold short work by visionary playwright Adrienne Kennedy, directed by Charlotte Brathwaite (Princess Grace Award) in collaboration with Abigail DeVille (resident artist, Studio Museum in Harlem). She Talks to Beethoven is a 30-minute, non-seated installation/performance that integrates found objects, drawing, silhouette and projection to tell the story of Suzanne Alexander, an African-American woman living in 1961 post-independence Ghana. After the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her husband, she seeks solace in the spirit of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, whose letters she has been studying. Actors Natalie Paul and Paul-Robert Pryce play Suzanne and Beethoven, respectively.

Wednesday – Saturday, January 15 – 18, at 8 pm and 8:45 pm
Sunday, January 19, at 8 pm and 8:45 pm
Wednesday – Friday, January 22 – 24, at 8 pm and 8:45 pm
Saturday, January 25, at 6 pm and 6:45 pm
The final performance on Saturday, January 25 is followed at 8 pm by a reading of Kennedy’s subsequent “Alexander plays,” including Ohio State Murders, The Film Club and The Dramatic Circle.

$10 ($7 for preview on Wednesday, January 15).
Available at www.brownpapertickets.com, or at the door.

505 1/2 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238
Between Fulton St. and Atlantic Ave. in Clinton Hill.
C or G train to Clinton-Washington.
Website: www.jackny.org

Around Town Opportunities

Emerging Artist Fellowships & Folly Competition - Socrates Sculpture Park

For Artists: Emerging Artist Fellowships
Socrates Sculpture Park's longstanding Emerging Artist Fellowship program, now in its 14th year, offers a residency in the Park's outdoor studio (beginning in May 2014), and inclusion in the annual Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition (Sept 2014 - March 2015).
To learn more/apply, click here

For Architects: Folly Competition "Folly" is a partnership between Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League of New York. This program looks to explore the intersections between architecture and sculpture through the production of an architectural folly. Folly will offer one emerging architect or designer a production grant and a two-month residency at the Park, (March-May 2014) leading to a summer exhibition at Socrates (May-August 2014).
To learn more/apply, click here

The deadline for both programs is JANUARY 7, 2014.

Both residencies include:
- $5,000 commission
- 24/7 Access to studio, materials, equipment
- Technical, marketing and administrative assistance
- Public exhibition
- Printed brochure and E-publication/printed of catalog

Around Town Opportunities

The Emerging Poets Fellowship

The Emerging Poets Fellowship is an annual opportunity for poets to receive guidance and instruction from a distinguished and diverse faculty and enter the next stage of their professional and artistic practice.

Funded by a generous grant from the Jerome Foundation, this fellowship immerses poets in a twelve-week program, which includes weekly writing workshops, mentoring sessions, meetings with guest speakers, free access to Poets House's events and archival resources and culminates in a final group reading. Transportation support is available for participants. The application process is competitive; tuition is free to those accepted into the program.

The 2014 Emerging Poets Fellowship workshop will be taught by poet and teacher Kristin Prevalett. Distinguished Visiting Faculty includes Cornelius Eady, Alice Notley and Edwin Torres.

The application deadline is December 10, 2013. Further details about the program and the application process can be found on the Emerging Poets Fellowship at Poets House page on our website.

Grantee Spotlight, December 2013: Raquel Z. Rivera and Ojos de Sofia

Raquel Z. Rivera brings her passion for story with her interest in questioning ethnic, national, and racial boundaries within the culture of the Caribbean and its diaspora into her work as a singer-songwriter and bandleader. Las Décimas del Amargue & Other Songs of Love has very personal ties to Rivera, who wrote these songs at the same time that she wrote her first novel, titled Beba: A Fake Memoir. Some of the songs are either part of the novel or were written from the perspective of the novel’s narrator and main character, Beba.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rivera witnessed firsthand the social prejudice between the Puerto Rican and Dominican communities and has dedicated her work, both as a scholar and as a songwriter, to questioning the artificial boundaries of ethnicity, race and nationality raised around cultural expressions.

In 2007, Rivera began exploring the cultural intersection between Puerto Rican and Dominican musical traditions with guitarist and cuatro player Alejandro Negrón. Having previously worked with percussion collectives, this collaboration with strings transformed her work. Rivera later joined forces with guitarist and musical director, Bryan Vargas to form the band, Ojos de Sofia. With her current project, Las Décimas del Amargue & Other Songs of Love, the overriding themes are the commonalities between Puerto Rican and Dominican traditions. Using music as a sociological tool, Rivera mines musical tradition to discover cultural connections between these seemingly disparate communities. In addition to these broader sociological implications, the body of work of Ojos de Sofia is guided by Rivera’s playful-mindedness and dedicated feminism.

This project focuses on the use of the décimas poetic tradition among Puerto Ricans and Dominicans as well as the connections between “jibaro music,” “bachata,” and “boleros” in both cultures. Las Décimas also expresses the conflict between Rivera’s love for the musical genres that inspired the songs and her exasperation with a sexist melodramatic bent she sees in both genres. The result is creative musical arrangements and quirky lyrics that playfully challenge folkloric and popular music’s approaches to love and loss.

This is the second time that LMCC has supported Raquel for her work musically investigating the intersections between these two cultural traditions. In 2010, Raquel Z. Rivera and Ojos de Sofia received their first Manhattan Community Arts Fund grant to support their project, Las 7 salves de La Magdalena/7 Songs of Praise for Mary Magdelene. Las 7 salves was an earlier exploration of the musical and religious intersections between the Dominican “salves” genre and the Puerto Rican “seis,” “aguinaldos,” and “bomba” genres.

Las Décimas will also feature Dominican guitarist Yasser Tejeda as well as Rivera’s sister, Anabellie Rivera, who will sing a few classic boleros. A free public educational talk/workshop led by Rivera together with Dominican poet Dagoberto Lopez will be offered at The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library, to give historical context to the decima form and its cultural roots, and to share the basics of composing and singing decimas.

Dates and Times
December 7, 2013 at 3:00-4:00PM (Workshop in English)
December 8, 2013 at 3:30-5:00PM (Concert)
December 9, 2013 at 5:00-7:00PM (Workshop in Spanish)

December 7th Workshop:
The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library, Louis and Samuel J. Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College
2180 Third Avenue and 119 Street, New York, NY 10035

December 8th Concert:
St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery Performance Space
131 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

December 9th Workshop:
Dominican Studies Institute, North Academic Center, Room 2/202
The City College of New York, 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10035

The workshop events are free.
The concert event is a $10 suggested donation.

More Information:

Around Town Opportunities

HAA announces additional info sessions for affordable housing opps

Harlem Arts Alliance is pleased to announce the scheduling of additional information sessions for the affordable housing opportunity within Broadway Housing Communities’ (BHC) SUGAR HILL PROJECT in Community District 9 (CD9). The project is a community revitalization project that integrates affordable housing, early childhood education and the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Artand Storytelling. They are especially interested in ensuring that artists in the community receive information about the project. There are 124 rental apartments affordable to local community members, with a set aside for 25 homeless households. Importantly, 50% of the remaining apartments are reserved for CD9 residents.

Applications are due January 3, 2014 and will be chosen from a lottery.

10:00 am
Chashama Gallery
461 West 126th Street (off Amsterdam Avenue)
RSVP on or before 11/29/13

6:30 pm
The Fortune Society Community Room
630 Riverside Drive (btw W. 140th & W. 141st St.)
RSVP on or before 12/2/13

3:30 pm
Dance Theatre of Harlem 466 West 152nd Street
(betw Amsterdam and St. Nicholas Ave.)
RSVP on or before 12/5/13

10:00 am
SoHarlem Creative Outlet Mink Building
1361 Amsterdam Ave @ W 126th St Suite 340
RSVP on or before 12/6/13

Please RSVP to linda@harlemaa.org.

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Art Happens Here… Because of YOU!

Art Happens Here… Because of YOU! Thanks to generous supporters like you, LMCC provides 360° support to artists, engages audiences, and enlivens communities Downtown and throughout Manhattan.

All of our programs are FREE because of our visionary supporters who understand the fundamental relationship between cultural vibrancy and quality of life, and the merits of making the arts accessible to all. Whether you’re an artist or arts enthusiast, you help make this possible!

Please consider making a gift of any size to LMCC and demonstrate your shared commitment to advancing artists, transforming audiences, and catalyzing communities.

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Around Town Events

Water Street Pops! Coming Soon This December! December 1-15, 2013

The City of New York and The Berman Group are sponsoring Water Street Pops! - a series of activities and special events in Water Street's privately owned public spaces (POPS) - to activate and energize the Water Street corridor. For more information, and to view a calendar of events, click here.

Around Town Opportunities

Open Call for Emerging NY-Based Artists from the Horticultural Society of New York

The Hort is pleased to announce an open call for NY-based artists to exhibit in their Project Space. They encourage local, emerging artists who are engaged by the environment and the natural world to submit proposals for consideration.

Launched in May 2013, the Project Space is a 100-square-foot area adjacent to their main gallery that showcases emerging artists offering a fresh perspective on botany, landscape, and the environment. They are searching for artwork in all media—including painting, photography, sculpture, site-specific installations, and video—that suits the intimate size of the exhibition area.

The deadline for submissions is 6:00pm (EST) on Friday, January 10, 2014. For more information and to submit your proposal, please visit their website.

Around Town Events

The Shadows Took Shape

The upcoming show at the Studio Museum in Harlem - The Shadows Took Shape is a dynamic interdisciplinary exhibition exploring contemporary art through the lens of Afrofuturist aesthetics. It is a collaboration between LMCC alum William Cordova, the Houston based collective Otebenga Jones & Associate, and Nyeema Morgan who is currently in Workspace.

See more Information about the show at: The Future Is African

Read the press on NY Times: The Future Is African

Around Town Events

An Exhibition Trilogy by President Clinton Projects

Let's celebrate (and mourn) these locations, communities, and artists. Let's carry on their eternal conversations about real estate and how they can continue live and work in New York.

Location One: a residential apartment in DUMBO / Oct 30th
fearing new work by Hein Koh, Leeza Meksin, Osamu Kobayashi, Colette Robbins, Andrea Bergart, Eleanna Anagnos, Julia Elsas, Heeseop Yoon, Jeremiah Teipen, Marcie Paper, Jiyoung Lee-Lodge, HyungSeop Shin, Sarah Walko
ONE NIGHT SHOW on Oct 30th 6-9PM

Location Two: a loading Dock in an industrial building in Sunset Park / Nov 9th
fearing new work by Jesse Greenberg ,Yevgeniya Baras, Joy Curtis, Nate Heiges,Norman Paris, Susan Bricker, Myeong Soo Kim , Claudia Cortinez /Carlos Vela-Prado, Nobutaka Aozaki, Tamara Zahaykevich, Ethan Greenbaum, Camel Collective, Sarah Mattes,Rosanna Bruno, Skyler Brickley, Sun You
ONE NIGHT SHOW on Nov 9th 6-9PM
75 19th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Contact for the show : Sun @ 973-752-5187
Special Guests: Michele Gambetta, ArtCondo, Tamara Zahaykevich, Artist Studio Affordability Project, Paddy Johnson, Art Fag City

Location Three: in a moving truck / Nov 23rd

*President Clinton Projects is a curatorial project founded in 2012 by Sun You.

Public Programming Open Studios

Open Studios Visual and Performing Artists at Building 110

December 13, 2-6PM

Building 110: LMCC's Arts Center at
Governors Island

Join us for the last 2013 Open Studios at Governors Island! Visit with visual and performing artists who have been working at Building 110: LMCC's Arts Center at Governors Island since August. This afternoon will feature behind-the-scenes access to 20 visual artists’ studios and performing artists luciana achugar and Ishmael Houston-Jones.

Work by: Jonathan Allen, Nobutaka Aozaki, Lena Bergendahl, Rachel de Joode, Lisa Fairstein, GOOD WORK Productions (Tijana Miskovic and Nina Wengel), Dominic Mangila, Eileen Maxson, New Draft Collective (Michi Jigarjian and Libby Pratt), Sarah Nicholls, Really Large Numbers (Chad Stayrook and Julia Oldham), Raúl Díaz Reyes, Romy Scheroder, Jennifer Schmidt, Max Stolkin, Ginta Tinte Vasermane, Carlos Vela-Prado and Claudia Cortinez, Elizabeth White, Jade Yumang, Jiajia Zhang. Some content may not be suitable for children.

RSVP required. For more information, please visit Open Studios.

Open Studios are supported by our transportation partner NY Waterway.

Grantee Spotlight, October 2013: Kenji Williams

Multidisciplinary artist, Kenji Williams, was classically trained in violin from a very young age, and developed a unique compositional style through a variety of projects including film scores, ambient and dance music, and touring with diverse bands from dub reggae to techno and world music. Williams is also an accomplished filmmaker, directing and producing many award-winning films presented by the CSC and Sundance. In the last ten years of his artistic practice, Williams has been focusing on fusing his visual arts, music, and live performance work into a unified experience. In 2003, he composed and directed a multimedia project called Worldspirit, which combined Williams’ music with animated paintings and spoken word poetry performed by painter Alex Grey. Worldspirit evolved and grew into the Bella Gaia project.Bella Gaia, or “Beautiful Earth,” was originally inspired by a conversation Williams had with NASA astronaut Mike Finke about how seeing the Earth from space profoundly changed him. Bella Gaia began as an endeavor to see how that same transformation could be artistically simulated for earthbound audiences, but has since become a long-term, constantly changing, touring collaboration with NASA scientists and educators, as well as top world musicians such as Yumi Kurosawa, Deep Singh, Kristin Hoffman, and Lety ElNaggar. In its current form, Bella Gaia uses a combination of live music, immersive images and data visualizations of the Earth to illustrate the beauty and fragility of our home planet. Bella Gaia is a living piece of media that continually evolves allowing the performances to include current events, such as major wildfires as seen from space, and to include different customizable content, such as the incorporation of Shinto and Buddhist music, featured in the Bella Gaia incarnation at NYU Skirball Center earlier this year. For the Bella Gaia Planetarium Festival on November 22nd 360-degree experience for the new planetarium theater at the Lower East Side Girls Club’s new facility. In this performance, Williams performs solo violin alongside spectacular visuals and in collaboration with a small choir of young singers from LESGC performing as accompanist, composed and directed by John Del Cueto.

Dates and Times
November 22nd
7:30pm & 8:30pm

Lower East Side Girls Club
402 East 8th street (@ Ave D)

The event is free with RSVP, but a donation to the new Girls Club would be appreciated.
RSVP here

More Information:

Around Town News

NY Times Review on Ephrat Asherie’s performance

Read what the New York Times has to say about current Workspace participant Ephrat Asherie's performance in James Brown: Get on the Good Foot.

"Where those choreographers stumble, Ephrat Asherie succeeds. One of her numbers (credited to her, Jennifer Weber and Mr. Sallid) has her slinking in a red dress to 'It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,' and the way she keeps falling to her back but also spinning on it — she’s an adept B-girl — eloquently and subtly salutes and questions Brown’s immeasurable impact on hip-hop alongside his troubling treatment of women."

Read the full review here.

Around Town Opportunities

Wave Hill - 2014 Van Lier Visual Artist Fellowship

Wave Hill has received a renewed grant from the Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund of the New York Community Trust to offer visual artist fellowships for three more years. 2014 will be the third year that they’ll be working with two Van Lier Visual Artist Fellows. This opportunity serves emerging artists from culturally diverse backgrounds. The application deadline is November 20th, and there will be an info session held at Wave Hill on November 3rd at 3PM. Application guidelines are available online at http://apply.wavehill.org.

The Van Lier Visual Artist Fellowship is a one-year artist fellowship that will be awarded to two (2) New York City-based artists, who are 30 years of age or younger (born in 1984 or after) and are not currently enrolled in a degree-granting program. The fellowship provides emerging artists from culturally diverse backgrounds valuable mentorship opportunities, including learning from the curatorial staff about the creation and interpretation of exhibitions and arts programming, as well as working with artists and arts professionals to define career paths over the course of the program (January through December 2014). Van Lier Fellows will be given a studio space during the Winter Workspace Program and a solo show in the Sunroom Project Space.

Application Deadline: November 20, 2013

Info Session at Wave Hill: November 3 at 3PM

For more information and to apply online, interested artists can go to: http://apply.wavehill.org

Projects by this year’s Van Lier Visual Artist Fellows, Onyedika Chuke and Francisco Donoso, are currently on view through Sunday, October 20.

Around Town Events

Production of WINK

When: 11 performances between Nov 7 and Nov 24. See the website for days.
Where: The IRT on Christopher St
Info: http://www.terranovacollective.org/rx-wink.html
Tickets: RxWink.BrownPaperTickets.com
Discounts!: valid until 11:59pm, Oct 27th - $12 with code RxEarly

Around Town Events

Ethan Greenbaum: Prospect | Opening Friday, October 25th, 6-8 PM

Ethan Greenbaum has exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions, including KANSAS, New York; Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York; Derek Eller Gallery, New York; Marlborough Gallery, New York; Socrates Sculpture Park, LIC; Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles; Michael Jon Gallery, Miami; The Suburban, Chicago; and The Aldrich Museum, Connecticut. Greenbaum received a MFA in Painting from Yale School of Art and is a co-editor of the Highlights, an online arts journal.

The gallery is located at 59 Franklin Street, three blocks South of Canal between Broadway and Lafayette. The closest subways are A/C/E,6,J/Z,N/Q/R and W at Canal and the 1 train at Franklin. For additional information, please contact Steven Stewart at KANSAS by calling +1 (646) 559-1423 or emailing steven@kansasgallery.com

Around Town Opportunities

City of Peekskill Waterfront Public Art:  Call for Sculptors

The City of Peekskill seeks professional sculptors to create public art to be installed on Scenic Hudson Park at Peekskill Landing and Peekskill Bay Greenway. Please download the Request for Proposals for project overview and submission guidelines. Proposals must arrive at Peekskill City Hall by Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 12 noon.

For further information, please email your questions to Jean Friedman, City Planner, at jfriedman@cityofpeekskill.com

Around Town Opportunities

The March: The Past, Present, and Future of the Civil Rights Movement.

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom August 28, 1963 was a historic event that propelled the Civil Rights Movement. A half century later we celebrate that moment but also look forward. Artists and photographers are encouraged to submit images of work that reflect the struggles and victories of the Civil Rights Movement past, present and future, as well as those individuals who have advanced the cause.

Submission Deadline: Friday, November 22, 2013
Exhibition dates: Wednesday, January 22 – February 26, 2014

All submissions should include:
-A brief description of proposed artwork or artist’s statement
-Up to 15 SLIDES, PHOTOS, OR IMAGES ON A CD of representative work. Do not send original work
-SLIDE LIST, numbered to correspond to slides or photos with title, date, materials used and the dimensions of the work
-SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE. (We cannot return submissions without a SASE)
-The work can be incomplete at the time of submission, but if so, please provide a summary or sketch
-Exhibition proposals will be reviewed and selected by the Ebony Society.
-All media are considered, but please note that the gallery has a very limited capacity for 3-dimensional -work. Artwork may only be hung from moldings by use of monofilament and hooks.

Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Applicants will be notified whether their work has been accepted for exhibition by December 6, 2013.

Proposals can be sent to:
Arsenal Gallery, NYC Parks & Recreation
The Arsenal, Central Park
830 Fifth Avenue, Room 20
New York, NY 10065

Around Town News

Grant Award Announcement from The Rema Hort Mann Foundation

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation is excited and proud to announce the winners of their visual art grant award this year! This year's winners are:

Daniel Bejar
Andrew Brischler
Claudia Cortinez
Gaby Collins-Fernandez
Allison Ginsberg
EJ Hauser
Aliza Nisenbaum
Jennifer Packer

Be the first to see their work and meet these talented young artists. Join them in a celebration at their awards ceremony.

October 25th at 6pm
Taymour Grahne Gallery
157 Hudson Street (between Hubert and Laight Streets)
New York, NY

Please RSVP by October 20th to tanya@rhmfoundation.org. They hope to see you there!

Around Town Events

A night of performance, music and video at SPECTRUM

Join us for a night of performance, music and video at SPECTRUM
Friday, October 18
Doors open at 7:30, we perform first at 8 pm
Cost: $7

121 Ludlow (btw Delancey + Rivington)
Floor 2; Ring bell for 2
NYC, 10002

The complete lineup is:
RAFT ( Patrick Noecker )
SNAYKHUNT (Thermos Unigarde)

We will present a segment of our newest performance, Mystography. Written as three vignettes, it is a multimedia performance that portrays transformations as entropic mixtures of magic and science.

For more information

Around Town Events

Empire Drive-In - A large-scale temporary installation

Empire Drive-In is a large-scale temporary installation built from junked cars and salvaged materials. The project invites audiences to participate in a series of questions about car culture, planned obsolescence, and the distinction between public and private space. You can also watch a movie on a really big screen.

Taking place at New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, from October 4th-20th.

Click here for full details, dates and times.

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Interview with Kate Bedford, Architectural Designer at Leroy Street Studio

As one of the master site advisers, Leroy Street Studio was part of the team that developed and designed a site strategy for Pier 42. Kate Bedford, Architectural Designer for the firm, recently spoke with LMCC about her experience working on the Paths to Pier 42 project.

Read the interview here.

Around Town Opportunities

Enhancing Memory through Creativity: Cognitive Training with Diverse Groups

The course runs for 5 weeks (2 hours, once a week for 5 weeks) and offers 10 CEUs. It is available as an in-person workshop or as a webinar.

The course starts in mid-October. The flier and the website show the exact dates and times: http://www.arttherapyconsulting.com/#!cec-payment/c18g5.

Around Town Opportunities

Request for Proposals Downtown Dance Learning Circles

WHAT: Within the circles, dancemakers present their challenges to each other and brainstorm solutions together. They are an opportunity to solve problems, share resources, build relationships, and move your work, and the work of your peers, forward.

HOW: To apply to be included in a Downtown Dance Learning Circle, please fill out the online application by 10/5.

WHO: The Downtown Dance Learning Circles are offered through Connect the Blocks a partnership between Fourth Arts Block and OurGoods, and in partnership with New York Live Arts.



Around Town Opportunities

Load OUT! A Reuse and Repurposing RIOT

GET: Take home all the donated costumes, props, and furniture you can carry-bring bags and carts to transport your findings, if necessary. The general public will be charged a $5 entrance fee to participate. Artists can participate for free.

Whatever you decide to take away with you is FREE of charge.

GIVE: Drop off clothing, textile, and e-waste at community collections - open and free for everyone. A full list of accepted donations is available https://fabnyc.org/loadout.php. Call212-228-4670 ASAP to schedule an early donation.

Around Town Opportunities

Drawing Center Open Sessions

The Drawing Center is pleased to announce Open Sessions, a new program created by Lisa Sigal and Nova Benway, Open Sessions Curators.

Applications are due by November 1, 2013.

For more information click here.

Around Town Opportunities

Open Associate, Community Programs position at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute

Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute has an open Associate, Community Programs staff position. This is an exciting job, where amongst many things, the person serves as a project manager for much of the work in healthcare settings including our Lullaby Project, and also takes a lead role in designing and implementing artist professional development.

More information here.

Around Town Opportunities

Musical Connections Fellowship

For the first time, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute is offering a 6 month Musical Connections Fellowship starting January 2014. The Fellowship is centered in hands-on experiences planning, implementing, and assessing artist residency projects and single concerts toward maximum impact, working side by side with the Musical Connections team, evaluators, and with facility and city agency partners.

Application deadline: October 18, 2013.

More information here.

Around Town Opportunities

Chamber Music America Presents First Tuesdays

Chamber Music America Presents First Tuesdays

First Tuesdays is a free, monthly, professional development seminar series for the small ensemble field presented by Chamber Music America with Saint Peter’s Church and Midtown Arts Common. One may attend in person at Saint Peter’s Church (619 Lexington Ave., NYC) or via live-stream (www.chamber-music.org). The program is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York State Council on the Arts and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

2013-2014 Season


Learn how the Affordable Care Act will affect musicians and small music companies. Health insurance options for people working in the performing arts should increase greatly in the coming year, as competitive insurance exchanges are implemented, along with subsidies for low- to middle-income subscribers, and small business tax credits. Renata Marinaro, Eastern Region Director of Health Services for the Actors Fund, will be your guide to the new health-insurance opportunities, which become effective as of January 1, 2014. Additional funding for this seminar is provided by The New York Community Trust, The Community Service Society, and The Actors Fund. (Use logos in individual seminar folder when possible.)


A focus session for musicians and other music professionals on managing your time for creative projects, administrative tasks, emails and social media, self and family needs and wants, and—if necessary—worry. Learn the 20-minute rule, the difference between urgent and important, and prioritizing your own projects over offers to participate in others’ gigs. Landsman coaches artists and executives in the creative community through Tribeca Leadership, LLC, among other groups. He is also a stage and commercial actor, playwright and monologist.


WITH PETER GORDON, FOUNDER OF THIRSTY EAR RECORDINGS, WITH MARTY ASHBY AND MYLES WEINSTEIN A performance can be so much more than showing up at a gig and playing your heart out. Today’s successful concert is part of a living, breathing ecosystem—connecting artist, presenter, social/print media, radio/television, and fans. In the first hour, the panel will outline strategies, techniques and innovative approaches to making the most of your live appearances. In the second hour, they’ll review specific projects spotlighting real-world successes within the CMA community.



1 For independent artists, even basic tax preparation can be a tricky endeavor. With self-employment, itemized deductions and quarterly filing in the mix, overwhelming does not begin to describe the process. Learn a straightforward, DIY approach from two experienced taxpayers and certified professionals.


How do you earn your money from music? Learn ways to expand your revenue-generating capacity and formulate the best mix of music income for you. Join Jean Cook, Director of Programs from the Future of Music Coalition, in a discussion of the 42 revenue streams available to composers and performers based on changes in copyright law and FMC’s findings from its Artist Revenue Streams, a project that collects and studies data from U.S. musicians on how they make a living.


These days, foundations, corporations, and government agencies are giving away less, and more organizations are applying. What’s a grant seeker to do? Do everything smarter and better. Attendees will learn how to improve their grant-writing skills, and will acquire a clear format for budgeting.

MAY 6, 2014: PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR MUSICIANS WITH ASTRID BAUMGARDNER, CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL COACH AND LAWYER Performers are increasingly being called upon to speak from the stage and engage in educational activities that heighten audience involvement with the music. Participants will receive tips on how to prepare, practice and deliver effective and engaging presentations, such as pre-concert talks and spoken program notes. They will also learn the relaxation and confidence-building techniques that will help them enjoy connecting with their audiences.


Today, many ensembles and presenters are taking chamber music back to its roots. Performances in private homes make a great series in their own right, and they can also help you achieve a variety of specific goals, such as cultivating an audience for a mainstage series; raising funds for general operations or a special project; publicizing the release of a CD; or acknowledging your patrons. Learn how to organize these intimate events well so they run smoothly and with flair.

Chamber Music America, the national network for chamber music professionals, was founded in 1977 to develop and strengthen a dynamic chamber music community. With a membership of nearly 6,000, including musicians, ensembles, presenters, artist managers, educators, music businesses, and advocates of ensemble music, CMA welcomes members representing a wide range of musical styles and traditions. CMA provides its members with grant programs, consulting services, access to health and instrument insurance, conferences, seminars and several publications, including Chamber Music magazine; the weekly e-newsletter Accent; and a member-driven website.

Susan Dadian, Program Director, Classical/Contemporary, sdadian@chamber-music.org

Jeanette Vuocolo, Program Director, Jazz, jvuocolo@chamber-music.org

Around Town Opportunities

Rooftop Film Announces Film Submission for 2014 Summer Series

Filmmakers: Submit your films for 2014 Summer Series

In May 2014, Rooftop will begin celebrating the 18th year of bringing the best independent films in the world outdoors and to the rooftops of New York. Submit your work and participate in one of the most unforgettable, unique, filmmaker-friendly, independent film events in the world!

As an added bonus, every filmmaker who submits a film will receive TWO free tickets to the 2014 Rooftop Films Summer Series (a $26 value!). Rooftop has some of the lowest submission fees in the industry plus they guarantee to watch every single film that is submitted.

Earlybird: $13, postmarked by December 5, 2013 Regular: $18 ($13 via WAB), postmarked by January 14, 2014 Late: $23 ($18 via WAB), postmarked by February 14, 2014 Without A Box Extended: $21, March 1, 2014* *Without A Box members only.

Here's how to submit:

You can submit via Without A Box. If you are submitting via Without A Box, please DO NOT include a submission form.

You can mail any submissions to the address below. All submissions not made through Without A Box must include our submission form

Rooftop Films PMB 401 285 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 Attn: Film Submissions

Around Town Opportunities

ARTball 2013 - INSIDE Out

Deadline for Submission: Now extended to September 29, 2013
Commission Fee: $5,000 Materials budget: up to $1,500

“ARTball2013” is a site-specific installation. It should reflect CMA's particular brand of art making, which encourages young artists ages 10 months to 15 years to explore a wide array of art forms including drawing, painting, sculpture, media arts, installation work and performance art. Insomuch as art at CMA is further defined and contextualized by its roots in NYC, we are looking for original and innovative work. Specifically, we are seeking art that resonates with the vibrant and robust NYC art scene.


  • Because much of artistic production at CMA is interactive between teaching artists and young artists, "ARTball" must be interactive, thereby inviting guests at the event to collaborate and participate in the work. The artist should detail in the proposal the ways in which guests can interact with “ARTball.”
  • The selected artist must be available for installation at the site of the event, Dream Downtown, NYC, on November 7th between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • The artist shall agree to a studio site visit with Helene Miller, “ARTball” curator, at a mutually agreed upon date and time prior to the art auction on November 7th.
  • The piece should not exceed the following dimensions: 8 feet by 8 feet.
  • The winning artist must be available to discuss the work and facilitate interactive art making between guests and the piece during the hours of the event, 6 PM to 9 PM.
  • The artist must de-install the piece following the event, from 9.30 PM to midnight.
  • The art auction has been covered by an assortment of media sources such as New York Social Diary, New York Daily News, Crain's, Charity Happenings and Art + Culture Magazine. Therefore, the selected artist and the "ARTball" will have an extremely wide and varied audience.
  • The winner of the ARTball prize will be announced prior to Art Auction 2013. Note that the actual selected work by the artist will be revealed at Art Auction 2013 on Thursday, November 7th, AND NOT BEFORE.
  • The piece may be auctioned off at the event or at a later date, and the monies raised will benefit CMA's free arts programming for children of all abilities and socioeconomic status.
  • A materials fee of up to $1,500 will be provided to the selected artist.
  • A commission fee of $5,000 will be awarded to the selected artist; half upon selection and the remainder upon completion of the work on November 7, 2013.

To find out more about CMA’s mission and free community art programs supported by the Art Auction, please visit cmany.org. APPLICATION GUIDELINES FOR ARTISTS The application must be emailed as a single PDF file to lferen@cmany.org. Please name your PDF file: FIRST_LAST pdf.

Your application PDF (titled FIRST_LAST pdf) must include the following:

  • Your name, address, website, and email
  • A brief artist statement (up to five sentences)
  • An extended statement of no more than two paragraphs to frame your idea/concept
  • If applicable, a link where your past work can be seen (e.g. myspace, youtube, etc)
  • Up to six images of your work with full label information (title, medium, year). Please do not include images with size over 1MB
  • Artwork created by the selected artist as a result of this RFP becomes the property of CMA. Photography of this work will be used at CMA's sole discretion in any fundraising and marketing materials. APPLICATION DEADLINE is now extended to September 29th, 2013 at 11:59 PM. The artist selected to make the "ARTball" will be notified October 7th, 2013 by 5:00 PM. Please contact Lori Feren with questions directly lferen@cmany.org.

This year's auction will take place on Thursday, November 7th at Dream Downtown. This premier art event attracts over 400 guests who come to bid on the work of contemporary artists. In past years, work has been donated by notable artists such as William Wegman, Cecily Brown, Yoko Ono, Mickalene Thomas and more.

Committee Co-Chairs Camila Alves & Fatima Araujo, Jason Bateman & Amanda Anka, Chris & Liz Apgar, Sara Meltzer, Soledad O’Brien & Brad Raymond, Julie & Paul Rudd, as well as Artist Co-Chairs Philip Taaffe and Dustin Yellin are hosting the event. Proceeds raised support CMA's free arts programming, inclusive of children of all abilities and from all communities.

This year's ARTball is meant to build upon the answers revealed in the artistry of ARTball 2012-What's INSIDE?! and asks the question:


Curator Helene Miller states: “INSIDE Out is meant to capture the energy, the skill, the raw talent, the courage, the creativity, the originality and the passion from inside that is expressed as a work of art by artists of all ages.”

In this 25th anniversary year, CMA continues to fulfill its mission to "secure the future of the arts by inspiring and championing the next generation of artists and art-lovers."

THANK YOU! Helene Miller, Curator "ARTball 2013-INSIDE Out"

Around Town Opportunities

The Explorers Club Artist-in-Exploration Program - Call For Proposals

This is an opportunity to receive funding for art created while working in the field away from their home countries. Submitted proposals are limited to artwork that falls within the traditional definition of Fine Art, which includes painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, and photography.

Learn more and apply here.

Around Town Opportunities

Make Music New York: Call for Proposals for Winter Parades

Make Music Winter, a program of Make Music New York, is a free, outdoor musical event that turns audiences into music makers, transforming New York’s cityscape with twelve participatory musical parades on December 21 - the winter solstice - which run the gamut of musical genres.

For Make Music Winter 2013, artists are invited to submit proposals for a new, sonic, public art work – “a musical parade” – that allows for a variable number of musicians and non-musicians alike to participate without prior rehearsal. One parade will be chosen for inclusion in the 2013 festival. Make Music New York can provide a budget of up to $500 for parade expenses.

Artists and musicians working in all genres are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: October 1, 2013.

For more details and to apply, click here.

Grantee Spotlight, September 2013: General Mischief Dance Theatre

In 2004, choreographer Emily Smyth Vartanian, lighting designer Mark Baker and designer Adam Vartanian banded together to collaborate artistically on mischievous performance pieces. The trio formally incorporated in 2008 under the name General Mischief Dance Theatre with the goal of producing theatrical dance pieces that reinforce the power of joy and laughter in communicating ideas, as well as encouraging the natural human desire to move.

General Mischief Dance Theatre received their first Manhattan Community Arts Fund Grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for their production Rascals Cavorting at the Connelly Theater in 2012, which employed narrative stories and interactive dances to appeal to audiences of all ages and levels of dance experience. General Mischief returned to LMCC this year for their upcoming production Three if by Air, which combines contemporary movement with high-flying bungees, yoga, and aerial silk and rope work to create a playful production for children and adults. Following its tradition of joviality and accessibility, General Mischief’s current production promises interactivity, games, mayhem, and mischief to reinforce the belief that joy in movement is universal.

Three if by Air features multiple premieres, including the world premiere of Suite Shel, a trio of dances inspired by the poems of Shel Silverstein. Suite Shel features the choreography of aerialist and choreographer Lisa Natoli of Lisa's Bright Ideas, Director and Tony-Nominated Producer Celine Rosenthal, and General Mischief's Artistic Director, Emily Vartanian. Each dance offers the unique perspective of its choreographer, in a playful twist on Silverstein’s creations. The production features performances by Jane Abbott, Troy Barnes, Dare Harlow, Alisa Fendley, Rachel Kaplove, Lisa Natoli, and Emily Smyth Vartanian.

True to the company’s mission to create and present theatrical dance works which engage audiences emotionally, socially, and kinesthetically, Three if by Air seeks to remind its audience of the power of dance as a joyful, transcendent experience. As with previous productions, after the Saturday performance General Mischief invites audiences to celebrate, discover, or rediscover their own expression through movement by joining the performers onstage for post-performance social dancing.

Dates and Times
Saturday, September 21st at 8PM
Sunday, September 22nd at 5PM

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center
248 West 60th Street

Tickets may be purchased online through Ticketfly.com for Saturday here or Sunday here
Tickets also available by phone at (877) 987-6487

Around Town Opportunities

BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center call for auditions

BMCC TPAC seeks a diverse community of male and female performers and writers for "Writers in Performance".

Auditions will be held at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, September 17th and Wednesday, September 18th. From 5:30-8:30PM


Call for auditions only between September 9th-16th.

Call 212-220-1459 to schedule an appointment. Ask for Mario Giacalone.

BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center is conducting a 12 week poetry/writing and performance workshop culminating in presentations to be held on December 6th and 7th. They are looking fr ethnically diverse men and women of all ages.

The workshop will explore writing exercises, theater games, improvisation, movement and ensemble work - all done in a safe, creative environment leading to an ensemble theater piece performed by all participants. The opportunity to participate in the workshop and perform is offered without charge.

Around Town Events

Extended Life artist Faye Driscoll previews work at the Park Avenue Armory

Since June, Faye Driscoll has been participating in a residency at the Park Avenue Armory and working on a new multi-faceted project entitled THANK YOU FOR COMING. The first section of the project will premiere in March 2014 at Danspace Project and will also be remounted in next year's River to River Festival.

Come get a preview of some of what Driscoll has been working on this month at the Armory. Details below:

Where: Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue)
When: August 29, 8pm
Tickets: Visit their website

Around Town Events

Swing Space artists Monk Parrots present “BUM PHILLIPS, Workshop Performance: Act I”

Join current Swing Space artists-in-residence, Monk Parrots, for a presentation of BUM PHILLIPS ALL-AMERICAN OPERA, Workshop Performance: Act I. This is a contemporary opera based on the life of retired NFL coach, O. A. "Bum" Phillips, head coach of the Houston Oilers from 1975-1980.

Tuesday, September 10 at 7:30PM
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street
(Between Rivington & Delancey)
New York, NY 10002

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, $10 students / seniors. Purchase tickets here

See the Facebook event page for more information.

Around Town Opportunities

USArtists International 2014 application deadline Sept. 6

Round I Application Deadline: September 6, 2013

USArtists International provides support for American dance, music, and theater ensembles and solo artists invited to perform at significant international festivals anywhere in the world outside the United States and its territories.

The application deadline for the first of three grant rounds of the 2014 program is Friday, September 6, 2013 for projects taking place between November 1, 2013 and October 31, 2014. This is a submission deadline.

For a copy of program guidelines click here. To access the revised 2014 application, click here.

The next application deadlines for the 2014 program cycle are:

  • December 6, 2013 for projects taking place between March 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015

  • April 18, 2014 for projects taking place between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015

Questions about USArtists International should be directed to Brigid Zuknick, at brigid@midatlanticarts.org

Around Town Opportunities

Open call for work for the Performing Arts Marathon at IATI

Applications will only be accepted from August 1 to November 4, 2013.

IATI is looking for Music, Dance, and Theatre pieces that Inform, Entertain, and Explore but most of all go beyond the general idea of "What theater is."

Submit your piece for consideration and the chance to showcase your voice, your talent, and your individuality!

In the past, we’ve had concerts, interactive pieces, poetry intermingled with culturally diverse music, pieces inspired by folklore and much, much more. At IATI, we push boundaries to expand the collective consciousness about what theater is.

More info here

Around Town Opportunities

Call for applications for 2014 Art & Law Program

Online applications are due October 4, 2013.

Going on its fifth year, The Art & Law Program is a semester-long seminar series with a theoretical and philosophical focus on the effects of law and jurisprudence on cultural production and reception. An examination of how artistic practices challenge, rupture, and change the apparatus of law completes The Program. The Program aims to attract qualified individuals in the areas of visual art, architecture, writing, curating, and law. This list is non-exclusive. Artists with new genre and post-studio practices are especially encouraged to apply, as are legal scholars interested in the cultural effects of law. The Art & Law Program takes place in New York City from mid-January to early May and is held in collaboration with Fordham Law School. Seminars are held every Tuesday night at Fordham Law School from 6-9pm.

Participants of The Program will meet once a week at Fordham Law School to discuss readings and visual materials with artist/lawyer Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, and/or with a guest seminar leader. Seminar leaders assign required readings and present ideas and materials relevant to their areas of practice. As an added and unique component of The Program, participants will have the opportunity to meet individually with the program director and the opportunity to work one-on-one with Fordham Law School students on research topics relevant to the Participants’ respective projects. The Program seeks qualified and self-motivated individuals with a genuine and rigorous attraction to critical thought and debate, and who seek to challenge their respective practices. With this in mind, there is no pre-established exhibition which concludes the program. Rather, participants are highly encouraged to produce – on their own – a static or non-static material with what is learned, or unlearned, during and after the Program.

Online applications are due October 4, 2013.
Selected participants will be notified by October 25, 2013.
Although there is no application fee, there is an $800 participation fee.

For more information on The Program, please click here, or contact Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Program Director, at sms@artlawoffice.com or via phone at 347.763.2023.

Around Town Events

MCAF Grantee Manny Vega to speak about his work at El Museo Del Barrio

Artists Talk Santos in the City: Manny Vega

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
Las Galerías
Admission: Free

LMCC MCAF grantee Manny Vega will talk about his work at El Museo Del Barrio as part of LA BIENAL. Vega will discuss the importance of spirituality in his work.

More info here

Around Town Opportunities

NYFA Emergency Relief Fund—Limited Funds Available

New York Foundation for the Arts is pleased to announce the arrival of additional funds for NYFA's Emergency Relief Fund through the generous support of the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City and the Booth Ferris Foundation.

Eligible artists can be working in any discipline, but must reside in one of the five boroughs of New York City and meet a maximum income threshold.

If you are an artist who is still suffering the impact of Hurricane Sandy, you can find complete guidelines and answers to Frequently Asked Questions at relieffund.nyfa.org. Funds are limited, so artists are urged to apply by September 15th for priority review.

Please email rfund@nyfa.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Around Town Events

Paul Young, former writer-in-residence, has new play in NY International Fringe Festival

Clown Play, a new play by Paul David Young, the author of In the Summer Pavilion, is featured in the New York International Fringe Festival. It was chosen as one of the Fringe "shows to consider" by The New York Times

What happens when clowns converge on an abandoned home in suburban America and one of them has a semi-automatic weapon? In this dark comedy, set in the wasteland of foreclosed suburban housing after the Bush economic implosion, an accidental meeting, loaded with a trigger-happy rifle, touches off a chain of events that hilariously crisscross the financial crisis, professional clowning, performance theory, suburban architecture, gun control, religion, murder, substance abuse and burglary.

The cast will include Ryan Barry (2011 FringeNYC Award for Excellence, In the Summer Pavilion; Red-Merrimack Theatre), Joel Reuben Ganz (War Horse-Lincoln Center, Measure for Pleasure-Woolly Mammoth), Emily James (The Arty Need Show-The Gutter; Channel One-Edmonton & Toronto Fringe), Marissa Molnar (The Screwtape Letters national tour; Romeo & Juliet-Synetic Theater), and Carol Lee Sirugo (High Priest of California-29th St. Rep; Rat Bastards-Dixon Place).

Directed by Robert Lutfy, The 2012-2013 William R. Kenan, Jr. Directing Fellow at The Kennedy Center.

Dates & Times

Clown Play opens at the C.O.W. Theater (formerly Living Theatre), 21 Clinton St., August 2013 as part of the 17th Annual New York International Fringe Festival.

Wednesday, August 14 @ 3:00p
Thursday, August15 @ 2:00p
Saturday, August 24 @ 9:30p

Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes.


$15-$18. See www.FringeNYC.org or call 866.468.7619 and go to www.clownplay2013.com

Tickets online at http://www.ticketweb.com/snl/Search.action?query=clown+play

Around Town Opportunities

Call for Artists: NoMAA announces its next exhibition “Immigrant Too”

A follow-up to NoMAA’s previous show of 2010, titled Immigrant. This second exhibition delves into the artist’s notion of being an “immigrant,” how he or she responds to the present immigration debate as it is carried out in personal, public, and political spaces, and what approaches the artist takes, from the subtle and conceptual, to the blatantly political. All artists are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: Monday, September 9, 2013

More information

Around Town Opportunities

Call for Artists: Spirit of the Community—Art & Activism: Artists of Washington Heights/Inwood

Community Works, The Interchurch Center and NoMAA are inviting artists residing in Washington Heights/Inwood to participate in an exhibit that aims to illustrate the timeless role the arts play in shaping, informing and documenting culture. The exhibition will run from Dec 2 to Jan 7, 2014 at the Treasure Room Gallery, The Interchurch Center.

Deadline extended to: August 13.

More information

Around Town Events

Battery Dance Company 32nd Annual Downtown Dance Festival

Sunday, August 11 - Thursday, August 15

Battery Dance Company's Downtown Dance Festival audiences have come to expect the "surprise of fresh experience" and this summer will offer an abundance of surprises. The bridging of cultures is our springboard, and we relish the opportunity to provide New Yorkers and visitors the chance to sample dance delicacies from around the globe.

We are honored to partner with the National Museum of the American Indian in presenting Dancing Earth from New Mexico; with The Onassis Cultural Centre in introducing Chapter Two from Athens; with the Consulate General of Spain in showcasing La Intrusa Danza; and in continuing our partnership with the Indo-American Arts Council in presenting soloists and ensembles representing five distinct dance styles from India.

The esteemed José Limón Dance Company will share highlights from its classic repertoire and the dazzling Vendetta Mathea & Co. from France and the intriguingly interactive Tim Casson from the U.K. will be complemented by Battery Dance Company in a new work choreographed by Poland's contemporary dance master Jacek Łumiński.

Follow this link for more information

Around Town Events

Current Artist in Residence Chat Travieso has public art project in Summer Streets 2013

SUMMER STREETS INTERVENTION On Saturday August 3rd, 10th, and 17th, current Process Space artist-in-residence, Chat Travieso, will have a public art project installed as part of this year's Summer Streets. Summer Streets is an annual event in which seven miles of New York City’s streets are transformed into pedestrian and bicycle only streets on three consecutive Saturdays in August.

Travieso's project, titled CoolStop, will be near the Foley Square rest stop on Centre St. between Pearl St. and Worth St. CoolStop is a prototype for a water mister that provides a safe, efficient, and fun alternative to cool off by a hydrant. Constructed out of PVC pipes, the piece resembles a large splash surrounding a hydrant. Each of these PVC pipes has several fog misters that use a minimal amount of water from the hydrant to release a fine mist creating a refreshing micro-climate, which provides a much needed respite from the summer heat.

Hope to see you there!

Saturdays August 3rd, 10th, and 17th
7am - 1pm
On Centre St. between Pearl St. and Worth St. (near Foley Square Rest Stop)

Around Town Opportunities

Call for Artists: Quebec Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program


Arts Services Initiative of Western New York, Inc. (ASI), on behalf of the New York State Council on the Arts in partnership with the Province of Quebec Council of Arts and Letters, is seeking proposals from qualified individuals from New York State to become artists in residence in the Province of Quebec in Fall or Winter, 2013.

ASI is seeking three professional and unique artists from throughout New York State to take residency for three months in the Province of Quebec in the fourth quarter of 2013 (or first quarter of 2014, if the residency begins in 2013). While there the artist will create work and engage the community in a meaningful way.

The art disciplines included in the residency are:
- Architecture
- Cinema & Video
- Contemporary Crafts
- Dance & Choreography
- Digital & Media Arts
- Literature & Poetry
- Multidisciplinary Arts
- Music & Composition
- Theatre & Playwriting
- Traditional Folk Arts
- Visual Art

ASI, on behalf of the New York State Council on the Arts, will provide each artist a stipend of $9,000 to cover their costs for travel, materials, and labor. The artist cannot be compensated in any way while in Quebec, and all displays of work and/or performances must be free and open to the public.


Grantee Spotlight, August 2013: Less Than Rent Theatre presents Beckett in Benghazi

Now running through August 10th, LMCC grantee Less Than Rent Theatre presents the world premiere of Ben Diseren’s Beckett in Benghazi debuting at Under St. Marks and produced in association with Horse Trade Theater Group. Under the direction of founder and co-artistic director James Presson, Beckett in Benghazi is a biting satire of both 21st Century diplomacy and civilian treatment of foreign affairs, taking on the misuse of information in the “Information Age” and investigating how we, as Americans, talk about the Middle East. The piece considers the cyclical nature of US Imperialism and addresses it in the way that one might imagine Samuel Beckett would have – with comedy.

Diseren’s script introduces the audience to a beleaguered theatre troupe, days away from opening Beckett’s Endgame, who are pulled into the furor of a debate over the U.S. occupation of the Middle East. As their director whimsically shifts gears on the whole production, the troupe is forced to confront big issues, both political and personal, and ask big questions: Where does imperialism fit into the 21st century? How do we distinguish between sacred traditions and antiquated infringements of human rights? And when do we break for lunch?

Founded in 2010 with the production of Richard 3, a punk-Shakespeare fusion that premiered at La MaMa as part of FringeNYC, Less Than Rent aims to reach new audiences by creating work that is accessible and exciting. Past LTR projects have featured multimedia, dance and live music, have focused on themes such as teen violence, private sector headhunting, and substance abuse, and have been set in locations varying from the set of a sitcom to a dairy farm. Since its inception, Less Than Rent has presented eight full productions and six workshops, has employed over 125 theatre professionals, and has presented work at such venues as Walkerspace, La MaMa, The Wild Project, Theatre for the New City, Dixon Place, and The Brick Theater.

Beckett in Benghazi features performances by Julie Voshell (Movin’ Out; Pop), Becca Ballenger (American Stare), Adam Weppler (Waiting for Lefty with Roundabout; Puppet Hamlet), Rachel B. Joyce (Muskego Lake; Desire! A Varsouviana), Brendan McDonough (Three Sisters with The Assembly), and Patrick Dooley (Words, Razors, and the Wounded Heart). Designs will feature sets by Dan Geggatt (Asuncion; Billy Witch), costumes by Jenni Meador, sound by Emily Auciello (The Dance and the Railroad at Signature Center), choreography by Jennifer Delac, and fight design by Cory Asinofsky (Richard 3).

Dates and Times
July 25 – August 10, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7PM

Under St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place (Between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)

Tickets may be purchased at www.horsetrade.info


Public Programming Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island

The Gallery at Building 110

On view through September 29, 2013
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holiday Mondays, 12-5PM

if color, then also dimension; if flatness, then texture, etc. is a group exhibition featuring work that is, considers, or deconstructs sculpture. The title is taken from Robert Morris' 1966 essay "Notes on Sculpture" and refers to the complexity inherent in sculpture, specifically that because it exists in space, we perceive its multiple properties at once or as one whole. While Morris is specifically contributing the development of critical language around sculpture and referring to a shift from Cubism to Minimalism, it is his investigation illuminating the conditions of the phenomenal experience that exists in the transitional moment where the making of art meets the perception and viewing of art that is of interest here. The diverse pieces in this show embody the title and highlight the "etc." in Morris' essay. The exhibiting artists, whose work often requires a past act, like commuting from home to work, or present participation, like speaking into a microphone, have created active, interactive, and responsive works of art that represent a highly engaged artistic practice and a critical approach to or consideration of sculpture.

Click here for more information about this exhibition and other happenings at Building 110: LMCC's Arts Center at Governors Island

Public Programming Paths To Pier 42

Paths to Pier 42 has launched and is open for you!

Pier 42 is officially open and features a whole calendar of public programming taking place from July through November 2013.

To learn more about Pier 42 and the artist/designer projects featured there, please visit our Paths to Pier 42 page

For full public programming event details, check out the Paths To Pier 42 website

The park is open daily to the public from dawn till dusk.

Grantee Spotlight, July 2013: Tara Bracco hosts the 11th annual production of Poetic People Power

On Wednesday, July 31, LMCC grantee Tara Bracco hosts the 11th annual production of Poetic People Power. This year's show, Invisible Chains: Inequality in America, premieres new poems about inequality advances some groups of people while limiting others to the detriment of all. The theme of this year’s show was collaboratively chosen with participating artists. Writers showcase new works about their own experiences and thoughts on topics such as race, gender, and class. Returning poets include Tara Bracco, Nicole Goodwin, Karla Jackson-Brewer, Frank Antonio López, Scottt Raven, Shetal Shah, and Justin Woo, as new poets are Goodwin, Frank Antonio López, and Scottt Raven.

Poetic People Power is a NYC-based spoken word group that presents shows on timely social and political topics. It was founded in 2003 by Bracco to create an ongoing project that combines poetry and activism. The group uses the expressive art of poetry to educate audiences about the complex issues facing society. The shows creatively explore social and political topics, offering insight and possible solutions to issues that affect our everyday lives.

Previous Poetic People Power shows have focused on pay equity, universal health care, global warming, consumerism, and the global water crisis. Each year a diverse group of artists with varying poetry styles are commissioned to write a new poem on a specific topic to be presented to a public audience. Since its inception, Poetic People Power has presented 10 shows, worked with 25 poets, and commissioned 65 poems on social and political topics.

Wednesday, July 31 at 8 PM

The Wild Project
195 East 3rd Street (between avenues A & B).

Tickets may be purchased here

Around Town Events

Former Swing Space Artist Nancy Nowacek shows Citizen Bridge

June 22 ( this Saturday!) PROTOTYPE VIEWING: 4-6PM
159 Pioneer Street @ Imlay Street, Red Hook

Citizen Bridge will debut a new design prototype from 4-6 pm at Pioneer Works. If you haven't been to Red Hook yet this summer, or haven't yet visited the oasis that is Pioneer Works, please consider yourself invited to stop by! I've been working hard in collaboration with Brady Caldwell, Brad Isnard and Mandi Fung, recent graduates from Pratt's Architecture program, and with special consultation from Max Kufner to design and build this latest iteration of the project. Special thanks to the staff at Recess and Pioneer Works for their support of this phase of the project.

June 29 (next Saturday) LAUNCH at VALENTINO PIER: 1PM
Starting from 159 Pioneer Street @ Imlay Street, Red Hook

After this weekend's viewing, Citizen Bridge will make its way down to Valentino Pier for a first launch into the water. Given the piece's size, it will be an ALL HANDS ON DECK event: the more the merrier. Please come help to join in the transport to Valentino Pier, and the trouble-shooting as we put it into and pull it out of the water.

We will start at Pioneer Works at 1pm, walking Citizen Bridge modules to the water. Expected round trip time is 90 minutes.


Around Town Opportunities

Upcoming Exhibition and Public Art Opportunity: Brooklyn Utopias

Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion



In addition to holding a main exhibition in the 2nd floor Great Room gallery of Brooklyn's Old Stone House & Washington Park (OSH), we are very excited to be partnering with the NYC Department of Transportation's Urban Art Program to commission several temporary public art pieces, relating to the exhibition theme, for nearby traffic medians on 4th Avenue in Park Slope/Gowanus. There are also opportunities to propose public art for OSH's exterior and surrounding gardens.



Brooklyn and NYC pioneered, and were largely shaped by, mass transit, from early ferries and trolleys to modern subways and highways. Today, the growing need for reliable, affordable, and sustainable transportation has led to such local innovations as the New York Waterway Ferry, Bike Share and Brooklyn Greenway, and the grassroots work of groups like Transportation Alternatives. However, some Brooklyn neighborhoods disproportionately face transit service cuts and unsafe streets, as the entire city navigates fare hikes and battles over efficiency vs sustainability. Most recently, Hurricane Sandy has exposed the vulnerability of New York City’s existing system and raised additional questions about its future—while Grand Central Terminal celebrated its 100th anniversary with an outpouring of art exhibitions and events.

How successful are our existing transportation systems and what additional innovations are possible? How can the city’s history of transportation inform its future?

Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion will invite artists to either critically respond to historic and contemporary ideals about urban transportation, or propose their own. Artwork can address conditions in Brooklyn, and/or other boroughs and cities. *Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion *will also explore artists’ direct role in shaping the future of transit design by inviting transportation organizations that partner with artists to showcase their work.


Brooklyn Utopias (BU) is an ongoing exhibit and event series, founded in 2009 by curator Katherine Gressel, in which artists, young people, activists, architects, designers and urban theorists consider differing visions of an ideal city through the “concrete” example of Brooklyn. Previous BU exhibits in 2009, 2010, and 2012 have dealt with such topics as overdevelopment, community preservation, urban agriculture, and most recently, public park and public space design. BU's work has been recognized by Time Out New York, Hyperallergic, the L Magazine, The Brooklyn Paper, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and Brooklyn Independent TV. Critics and community leaders have described the past BU exhibits as “expansive,” and “provocative and thoughtful fusions of practical imagination and artistic vision.” According to Allison Meier in Hyperallergic, "After spending time in the tranquility of Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space [2012] in the Old Stone House…it was possible to imagine...that artists are an essential voice in imagining an exuberant, yet intelligently developed, future for the borough."

To see images of our past exhibitions and events (including shows at the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Old Stone House) please visit brooklynutopias.wordpress.com and www.brooklynutopias.com.

Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Programming and promotional support provided by The New York City Department of Transportation, Old Stone House & Washington Park, and Transportation Alternatives.

Around Town Opportunities

Apply for Quebec Residency for NYS Artists

CALL FOR ARTISTS ** **New York State / Province of Quebec ** **Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program


Call for Work and Application can be found at:



Arts Services Initiative of Western New York, Inc. (ASI), on behalf of the New York State Council on the Arts in partnership with the Province of Quebec Council of Arts and Letters, is seeking proposals from qualified individuals from New York State to become artists in residence in the Province of Quebec in Fall or Winter, 2013.

ASI is seeking three professional and unique artists from throughout New York State to take residency for three months in the Province of Quebec in the fourth quarter of 2013 (or first quarter of 2014, if the residency begins in 2013). While there the artist will create work and engage the community in a meaningful way.

The art disciplines included in the residency are:

Cinema & Video
Contemporary Crafts
Dance & Choreography
Digital & Media Arts
Literature & Poetry
Multidisciplinary Arts
Music & Composition
Theatre & Playwriting
Traditional Folk Arts
Visual Art

ASI, on behalf of the New York State Council on the Arts, will provide each artist a stipend of $9,000 to cover their costs for travel, materials, and labor. The artist cannot be compensated in any way while in Quebec, and all displays of work and/or performances must be free and open to the public.


The project schedule is as follows:
Application Released June 1, 2013
Applications Due July 22, 2013 (noon)


Respondents are required to submit one copy of the proposal as well as their letter from the host site in PDF form electronically as attachments to an email sent to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) prior to 12 pm noon EST on July 22, 2013.

Proposals received electronically after 12 pm noon EST on July 22 will be automatically rejected without exception and without review.

Arts Services Initiative of Western New York, Inc. reserves the right to reject a submittal if any document or item listed in this RFP is incomplete, improperly executed, indefinite, ambiguous, and/or excluded.

Around Town News

MCAF grantee Andrea Arroyo featured in Of Note magazine

MCAF grantee Andrea Arroyo was featured in *Of Note *Magazine for her LMCC MCAF funded project "Flor de Tierra".

Click here for full article

For information about MCAF grants: http://www.lmcc.net/grants/mcaf

Around Town Events

LMCC grantee Jennifer Cecere’s Double Doily installed in Lower Manhattan

Double Doily is installed and ready for visitors at Whitehall & Water Streets across from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal!

For more information: http://jennifercecere.com/

Double Doily c. Jennifer Cecere 2013
Around Town Events

Workspace artist Claire Sherman Shows at DC Moore Gallery

Woods, Lovely, Dark, and Deep
Opens Thursday, June 20, 6 - 8 pm
Through August 15

DC Moore Gallery is pleased to announce its summer group exhibition, Woods, Lovely, Dark and Deep, curated by John Zinsser, on view from June 20 – August 15 with an opening reception on June 20 from 6 – 8 pm. This show juxtaposes historical and contemporary painters and photographers as a way of re-thinking “landscape” and its associated meanings. Zinsser began with an intuitive notion, looking at artists for whom this representational genre allows a revealing of hidden places or psychological foreboding. For many, illusion is played against literal reality, whether in terms of paint physicality or received photographic treatment of subject matter.

The tensions between nature as observed and its metaphorical role are heightened as we move forward in a modernist trajectory, starting with examples from Charles Burchfield, Romare Bearden and Fairfield Porter. Milton Avery, April Gornik and Jake Berthot all developed their work alongside the ascendency of formalist abstraction, and fully respond to the objectivity of that language. Photographers Duane Michals, David Hilliard and Noriko Furunishi take the historical tradition of plein air painting and invert its meanings, summoning fictive narrative fantasies through factual encounters. A younger crop of painters—including Max Jansons, Liz Markus, Daniel Heidkamp, Claire Sherman and Sissel Kardel—return landscape to the realm of the sublime and fantastic, with a range of inventive and unorthodox strategies.

For more information: http://www.dcmooregallery.com/exhibitions/2013-06-20_woods-lovely-dark-and-deep

212 247 2111

DC Moore Gallery specializes in contemporary and twentieth-century art. The Gallery is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. For more information, for photographs, or to arrange a viewing, please contact Meg Bowers at mbowers@dcmooregallery.com

Around Town Events

Former Swing Space artist Ephrat Asherie Dance to perform at the Apollo

Past LMCC Swing Space artist Ephrat Asherie Dance will perform an excerpt of *A Single Ride *, which was developed during her Swing Space residency in 2012.

Breakin’ Convention Mainstage Show
Saturday, June 15 at 7PM
Apollo Mainstage
Hosted by Jonzi D and Special Guest MC Lyte

Join Jonzi D and special guest MC Lyte host as dance performers from around the globe re-envision hip hop dance on the Apollo stage.

Featuring performances by Jonzi D (UK), Storyboard P (Brooklyn/US), Compagnie Sébastien Ramirez (Germany/France), ensemble Boy Blue Entertainment (UK) , Rennie Harris Puremovement (Philadelphia/US), Ephrat Asherie Dance (NY/US), FootworKINGz (Chicago/US), soloists Frank Ejara (Brazil), the world’s best b-boys from Korea, Project Soul Collective.

Tickets: $15, $25, $38 / Youth Tickets: $10
(Ages 25+ under, must show ID and purchase at Box Office only).

Ticket Packages:
Opening Night PLUS either Saturday or Sunday Mainstage Show: $35 (save $18)
Saturday PLUS Sunday Mainstage Shows: $50 (save $13)


Around Town Events

Former LMCC artist Pavel Zustiak to premiere “The Painted Bird”

Pavel Zustiak + PALISSIMO Company
THE PAINTED BIRD (Bastard / Amidst / Strange Cargo)
NYC PREMIERE, Full marathon cycle, 4 hours, 2 intermissions

La MaMa, 150 1st Avenue, New York City

June 21, 22, 26, 27, 29 at 7pm; June 23, 30 at 3pm
Tickets: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/923801
$60/$55 (student/senior) full three part cycle passport
$25 individual part tickets: cash at the door, based on availability only
Teaser: https://vimeo.com/61539165

For more information:
thepaintedbird.org . palissimo.com . lamama.org


A vivid, often anguished, imagination shines through in Zuštiak’s work, as does a welcome directness. NEW YORKER
Bastard earns it emotional extremity - with tenderness and quiet... FINANCIAL TIMES
Essentially, Zuštiak has created a roomful of outsiders. That sensation of being on the outside looking in…along with the live score, gives jolts of spooky energy. There is the sense that, with The Painted Bird, he has found his material, and will be mining it for a long time to come. THE NEW YORK TIMES

Around Town Events

Three Past and Present LMCC artists show at La Bienal 2013

Workspace artist in residence Alejandro Guzmán, former Workspace artist Edgar Serrano, and former Swing Space artist Ernest Concepción will be showing at La Bienal 2013, El Museo del Barrio's 7th biennial exhibition. The show features works by 37 emerging Latino and Latin American artists who live and work in the NYC area.

The show begins Wednesday, June 12, 2013 and ends Saturday, January 4, 2014.

For more information, visit: http://www.elmuseo.org/en/event/el-museo-bienal-2013-here-is-where-we-jump

Around Town Opportunities

New Housing Opportunity for New York Artists

529 West 29th LLC is now accepting applications for a 139-unit building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The property has a 70% preference for performing artists/support personnel. Qualified applicants need to be required income and household guidelines and addition selection criteria. Requests must be received by June 17, 2013, and completed applications must be mailed by July 1, 2013.

For more information, see http://www.sdcweb.org/sdc/pdfs/membership/W29thStflyer.pdf

Around Town Events

Current and former Workspace artists exhibit in London and Spain

Alberto Borea, Juanli Carrion, Carlos Motta and G.T. Pellizzi
Pinta London
Y Gallery. Booth D25
Earls Court Exhibition Centre.
Warwick Road. London, SW5 9TA. United Kingdom.
Upcoming: June 4 - 7, 2013

Current Workspace artist-in-residence Alberto Borea and former artists-in-residence Juanli Carrion and Carlos Motta exhibit at Y Gallery at Pinta London, a showcase of the best Modern and Contemporary Art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Juanli Carrión, Cristina Garrido, Leonor Serrano Rivas and Françoise Vanneraud
Instantaneas: Representaciones y apropiaciones de un contexto proximo
(Intantaneous: Representations and appropriations of close contexts)
Plaza Islas Baleares 1
Murcia, Spain. Ongoing: April 24 - June 27, 2013

A collective exhibition featuring former Workspace artist-in-residence Juanli Carrion at Lab that encourages viewers to observe approximations and representations around us. In Instantaneas, artists capture fragments of reality and memory and translate them into the visual arts, creating works derived from the surrounding environment. By doing so, these works invite us to reflect on the perceived influences of our surrounding environment and what materializes from it - in this case, works of art.

Around Town Opportunities

Call for Artists: Imagine Everything, Photography Exhibition

Exhibition Opportunity for New York City Photographers

Imagine Everything
A Summer Photography Exhibition

Opening Reception
Thursday, July11, 2013 from 6-9pm

July 11 – 17, 2013

138 Sullivan Street, NYC
(212) 228-2810

The NYC Digital Photography Workshops Meetup Group, a prominent digital photographyworkshop group in New York City, is proud to present Imagine Everything at the SoHo Gallery of Digital Art on Thursday, July11,2013 from 6-9pm.

We are currently accepting applications from talented NYC photographers to exhibit in this digital photography exhibition until midnight, June 15, 2013. All submissions will be in a digital format to be displayed on High Definition screens -NO PRINTS required. For more information on requirements to exhibit at this SoHo venue, please contactthe curator for the show, Dawn M. Wayand at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Arts Services Workshop Series

LMCC’s Artists Summer Institute is Open for Registration!

Artists Summer Institute (ASI) is a five-day intensive professional development opportunity for artists. The program, created and developed in partnership between LMCC and Creative Capital, brings together both organizations' programs to provide more comprehensive, arts-focused training, tools, and advice to help put artists on a path to greater sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Registration Required
Registration now open
Submission Deadline: Tuesday, July 2, 11:59PM

Program Dates & Times
Wednesday, August 7 - Sunday, August 11, 2013
Everyday 10AM - 6PM

LMCC’s Studios at One Liberty Plaza, 12th Floor, in Lower Manhattan

To register and for more information, visit: http://www.lmcc.net/arts_services/summer_institute

Contact Prachi Patankar, Program Manager, Grants & Services
Phone: 212-219-9401 ext. 117
Email: ppatankar@lmcc.net

Around Town Events

Workspace Writer Betsy Fagin to read at the Center for Book Arts

Center Broadsides Reading Series
Betsy Fagin and Hoa Nguyen
Organized by Marcella Durand and Krystal Languell on behalf of the Belladonna Collaborative.

Join the Center for Book Arts this Friday, June 7th at 6:30 pm, for the third broadsides reading of the spring!

Betsy Fagin is an activist, poet and librarian who explores the territory where art, information access and political engagement through direct action meet. She received degrees in literature and creative writing from Vassar College and Brooklyn College and completed her MLS degree in Information Studies at the University of Maryland where she was an ALA Spectrum Scholar. She is the author of Poverty Rush (Three Sad Tigers, 2011), the science seemed so solid (dusie kollektiv, 2011), Belief Opportunity (Big Game Books Tinyside, 2008), Rosemary Stretch (dusie e/chap, 2006) and For every solution there is a problem (Open 24 Hours, 2003). She is currently a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Writer-in-Residence.

Born in the Mekong Delta and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Hoa Nguyen studied Poetics at New College of California in San Francisco. With the poet Dale Smith, Nguyen founded Skanky Possum, a poetry journal and book imprint in Austin, TX where they lived for 14 years. The author of eight books and chapbooks, she currently lives in Toronto Ontario where she teaches poetics in a private workshop and at Ryerson University. Wave Books published her third full-length collection of poems, As Long As Trees Last, in September 2012.

$10 suggested donation/ $5 members
Reception to follow the reading, free broadsides for guests

Around Town Opportunities

Open Call for Artists: Governors Island Art Fair

Govenors Island Art Fair is seeking independent artists worldwide working in all disciplines (painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, sound, performance art, and more) to apply for the Govenors Island Art Fair - New York’s largest independent exhibition. Every year, more than 100 artists of exceptional talent will be chosen to show their art every full weekend in September amongst the sprawling the landmark architecture of New York's Governors Island, one of city's most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike.

Founded by 4heads, a group of working artists based in New York City, this event champions a new model for art fairs by putting the artists and the visitors first. The artists’ exhibition space is free. Admission to the fair is free. Even the ferry ride to the island is free. This frees up artists, both unknown and well-known, to present their work their way at no cost in a unique, world-class venue. Entering its 6th year, we invite you apply to the Govenors Island Art Fair - sure to be our biggest and best yet.

Deadline for Submission: June 24, 2013

Fair Dates: Every Full Weekend in September 2013

Application: Online submission form at 4heads.org

Grantee Spotlight, June 2013: LMCC Grantee Eve Sicular and Isle of Klezbos

On June 12, LMCC grantee Eve Sicular and her band Isle of Klezbos will present its 15th annual KlezBiGay Pride show, on the theme of Music for a Sustainable City. The soulful, fun-loving powerhouse klezmer sextet will play two music sets including genre-expanding original compositions as well as neo-traditional folkloric tunes, Yiddish swing and tango. This year's MC, Lisa Kron, is a Tony-nominated/Obie-award-winning playwright & actress, co-founder of The Five Lesbian Brothers. In addition, the show will include presentations on urban solar energy programs.

Formed in 1998, Isle of Klezbos now includes Debra Kreisberg (clarinet and alto saxophone), Pam Fleming (trumpet and flugelhorn), Melissa Fogarty (vocalist), Shoko Nagai (accordion and piano), Saskia Lane (upright bass), and Eve Sicular (drummer, bandleader and founder). The group's community and global concerns address the awareness of interconnected ecospheres and neighborhoods. The band's latest work draws sonic inspiration from such styles as Latin, jazz, reggae, and art song along with Eastern European-rooted music of Jewish heritage. The sextet has been featured in broadcasts from "CBS Sunday Morning" to "The L Word," and finds audiences among listeners from many cultural backgrounds, a broad spectrum of sexual and gender identities, and multiple generations.

Isle of Klezbos began celebrating "KlezBiGay Pride" in 1999, as a marker for NYC's special month of LGBT commemorative cultural events and festivities. The group has celebrated every June since with a new theme, in a dozen locations as far-flung as Vienna, Austria and Park Slope, Brooklyn. Isle of Klezbos has returned to the ensemble's East Village roots beginning at CB's 313 Gallery in the Bowery, with “KlezBiGay Pride” performances in El Sol Brillante Community Garden, featuring queer Jewish celebrity MC's including Jennifer "Circus Amok" Miller, Julian "February House" and Deb "Split Britches" Margolin at recent shows.

Dates and Times Wednesday, June 12, 7-9pm

Location El Sol Brillante Garden 522 East 12th Street (between Avenues A & B)

Rain location: The Jewish Community Center of Manhattan 334 Amsterdam Avenue at W 76th Street.

Tickets This event is free. No tickets necessary. For more information: http://www.klezbos.com

Around Town Opportunities

Open Application for Dieu Donné Workspace Program Residency

Dieu Donné will begin accepting Workspace Program applications for the artist residency from June 1-30 through the site. The program is open to visual artists working in any medium who self-define as emerging. Due to funding sources, the applicants must have a New York State mailing address.

Dieu Donné founded the Workspace Program to provide emerging New York State based artists with the opportunity to explore hand papermaking and to utilize its processes to produce a body of work. Artists will work collaboratively with master papermakers.Collaborators are trained to share their expertise while also matching each artist’s own working strategies into this new medium. To bring the project into the public domain, Workspace artists are given a group exhibition in the Dieu Donné gallery following the completion of their residency.

For for information about the application process, visit http://residencies.dieudonne.org/.

Artist Residencies Workspace

LMCC’s Workspace Open Studios at One Liberty Plaza

Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 2
One Liberty Plaza, 12th Floor in Lower Manhattan

Join us in celebrating the culmination of the 2012-2013 session of Workspace, a nine-month studio residency program for 18 emerging visual artists and 8 emerging writers. For more information about the artists participating in LMCC's program, please visit their profile pages at Current Session Workspace.

Free with RSVP, however RSVP is required.

Open Hours:

Saturday, June 1 from 1 - 5PM - RSVP here

Sunday, June 2 from 1 - 6PM - RSVP here

Opening Reception: Friday May 31 from 7 - 9PM - RSVP here

Open Texts: Saturday June 1 from 5 - 7PM - RSVP here

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MCAF grantee Crossing Jamaica Avenue, Inc. Receives Rave Review from NY Times

"Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon!" presented by 2013 MCAF grantee Crossing Jamaica Avenue has received excellent reviews from the New York Times. This 3-week theatrical run of a manga/ music-theater opera features music by Fred Ho, book by Fred Ho and Ruth Margraff, martial arts and sword-fighting choreography by visiting artist from Japan Tsuyoshi Kaseda, and is directed by Sonoko Kawahara.

Visit the NY Times for the review.

MAY16 -JUNE2, 2013 Thursday-Friday 7:30 PM / Saturday 2:30 PM & 7:30 PM / Sunday 2:30PM

Ticket $30 /25 (Senior/Student) Box Office 212.475.7710 / Online Ticketing www.lamama.org

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2012 MCAF grantee Dustin Grella Featured on the New York Times

The New York Times is featuring former MCAF grantee Dustin Grella's short film, "Ode to Bike Sharing". This short film is a part of Grella's "Animation Hotline" project: short animations created from the messages left on the artist's answering machine. In "Ode to Bike Sharing", a New Yorker discusses the city's new bike-share program.

Visit the New York Times to view the video.

For more recent animations:

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Former MCAF Grantee Gesche Würfel Interviewed by WNYC-NPR about “Basement Sanctuaries”

Former Manhattan Community Arts Fund grantee Gesche Würfel was interviewed by WNYC-NPR. Tune in on Saturday morning to hear her speak about "Basement Sanctuaries".

Missed it? The interview will also be available online as a part of the "One NY Artist" series.

More about Community Showcase "Basement Sanctuaries" by Gesche Würfel
at Inwood Library, New York Public Library:

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 1, 2013, 2:00-4:00pm, Story Hour Room, 2nd Floor Exhibition Dates: May 31 - June 27, 2013 as part of the Uptown Arts Stroll Bilingual (Eng/Sp) Artist Talk: Saturday, June 22, 2013, 2:30-4:00pm, Story Hour Room, 2nd Floor (Moderator: Jaime Permuth, photographer and educator at the School of Visual Arts (SVA))

Inwood Library, New York Public Library, 4790 Broadway (near Dyckman Street) New York, NY 10034 (212) 942-2445


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Former Swing Space Artist Jillian Sweeney Exhibits Vulture-Wally

Jillian Sweeney’s
VULTURE-WALLY Choreography & Concept: Jillian Sweeney Direction: Jeffrey Cranor Performance: Siobhan Burke, Lydia Chrisman, Tara Willis & Jillian Sweeney May 31 – June 9// $18 general // $14 student

Tickets can be purchased in advance at incubatorarts.org or by calling TheaterMania at 212- 352-3101. Incubator Arts Project (located inside St. Mark’s Church) • 131 East 10th Street (at 2nd Ave.) • L to First or Third Ave; R, W to Broadway/8th St.; 6 to Astor Place; N,Q, 4, 5 to Union Sq.

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Past FUND Grantee Fulcrum Wins an Obie!

Past FUND grantee Fulcrum wins an Obie! A sincere congratulations! Read more here.

Arts Services Workshop Series

LMCC’s Fundraising Fundamentals Professional Development Workshops Series is Open for Registration!

Professional Development Workshops 2013 Fundraising Fundamentals: Uptown Edition

LMCC’s core fundraising series moves to Harlem this summer! Designed to help artists develop knowledge and skills in raising the resources to support their practice, the series features five free workshops on Wednesday evenings from June 5 through July 3, and a follow-up session of one-on-one grantwriting consultations on July 31 for participants who attend three or more workshops. Covered topics include: the funding ecosystem, grantwriting, budgeting, work sample dos and don'ts, and cultivating individual donors.

The series is free, but space is limited and registration is required for each workshop on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is now open. Register here.

Participants who attend three or more workshops in the series will be invited to register for a follow-up consultation session on July 31 to receive direct feedback on a proposal in process. See “About the Grantwriting Consultations” for details.

Around Town Opportunities

Open application for the Wooster Group Fellowship

Wooster Group Fellowship

The Wooster Group offers a one-year, paid, full-time Fellowship to a talented individual who will work with the company in one or more of the following areas: production management, technical direction, stage management, costume maintenance and construction, lighting/electrics, sound, video, and administration.

The individual who receives a Wooster Group Fellowship will work alongside company members in a collaborative environment during development, rehearsals, and performances of new and repertory productions. Technical and production Fellows may have opportunities to work with The Wooster Group on tour or work with visiting artists at The Performing Garage.

The Fellowship recipient will receive a $24,000 grant award. At the end of the one-year period, the recipient will have gained practical understanding in the areas of the Fellowship’s focus and will be well positioned for opportunities in his or her chosen field.

How To Apply

There are two ways to receive a Wooster Group Fellowship. First, the Wooster Group internship program can act as a stepping-stone to the Fellowship program: http://thewoostergroup.org/twg/twg.php?internships

Or, individuals can apply on a rolling basis directly to the Fellowship program by sending a letter of interest and resume to:


Cynthia Hedstrom, Producer

PO Box 654, Canal Street Station

New York, NY 10013



Around Town Opportunities

Open Call for the International Creator Residency Program 2013

Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence

Open Call for the International Creator Residency Program 2013!

Tokyo Wonder Site is now calling for international creators who could perform new creative activities based on the subjects which are core of our projects such as "Art and Environment", "Cultural diversity and the activities of New Art Centres", or "Possibilities of collaboration" during their residency at TWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence for three months.

Residency Period: From 7 January 2014 to 29 March, 2014 (Tentative)

Details: Creators who are planning to undergo cultural study or research based at TWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence during the above period.

Number of participating artists: 2

Application period: From May 2, 2013 to August 2, 2013

Application Form must arrive at TWS Aoyama by post no later than August, 2 2013. The application must be sent by traceable delivery service.

Application Outline and Form: Please download the Application Package from following URL:


Inquiries: Email research2013@tokyo-ws.org

Around Town Events

14th Street Y announces annual LABA Arts Festival June 1-2

LABA: A laboratory for Jewish culture at the 14th Street Y presents “EAT,” a festival of new work inspired by the power of food in ancient Jewish texts.

Art, music, performances, teachings and tastings June 1st and 2nd at the14th Street Y.

The Theater at the 14th Street Y

344 East 14th Street (Between 1st & 2nd Avenues)

New York, NY 10003

Saturday, June 1, at 8:30pm

Sunday, June 2, at 3:00pm

The festival will be structured as a four course “meal” of teachings from the Torah and Talmud and the new performances and art they inspired. The courses will be food and power, food and ritual, food and ethics and food and desire.

The LABA Festival is a multidisciplinary event featuring new art, music and performances by LABA artist fellows, inspired by their study of classic Jewish texts. The work they create aims to push the boundaries of what Jewish art can be and what Jewish texts can teach.

EAT will take place on 8:30pm on Saturday June 1 and 3pm on Sunday, June 2 in the Theater at the 14th Street Y.

On Sunday LABA kids will present a separate activity for kids ages 4-12, free of charge.

Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 the day of the event.

For tickets, purchase at http://www.labajournal.com/labalive or http://labafest.brownpapertickets.com/ or call 1-800-838-3006.

Tickets are limited and advance reservations are recommended.

Saturday night is intended for an adult audience. Sunday there will be an adult program and a separate children’s program for children age 4-12. Children are free with paying adult.


Around Town Events

Tamar Latzman,  former Swing Space artist-in-residence at GI, premieres work at Video_Dumbo Fest

You're invited to the New York premiere of Tamar Latzman's latest work Mrs. Tadd's Visit at this year's Video_dumbo festival. Latzman made this work during her Swing Space residency last spring,

Video_dumbo will take place this year on May 16th - 25th at Eyebeam, Art + Technology Center in Chelsea, NYC.

Mrs. Tadd's Visit will be at a program called RISK on Friday, May 17 at 9 pm.



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LMCC Grantee Amore Opera Presents Faust

From May 10, 2013 through May 26, 2013, Amore Opera presents Gounod’s five-act grand opera, Faust: The Eternal Struggle for Man's Soul. In the second half of the 19th Century, Faust, which debuted in Paris in 1859, was among the most popular operas in the world. With 12 performances in French with English subtitles with four rotating casts, Faust will be conducted by Douglas Martin and staged by Nathan Hull. The opera will be performed complete and fully staged performed in its entirety, with a full cast, chorus and orchestra. For more information, visit: Amore Opera.

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LMCC Grantee Underworld Productions Opera Presents Il Trionfo dell’Onore (Honor Wins Out)

Underworld Productions Opera Il Trionfo dell'Onore (Honor Wins Out) Friday, May 17, 7PM Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marima, 24 West 12th Street Underworld Productions Opera presents the New York premiere of Alessandro Scarlatti's full-length comic opera filled with memorable characters and interlaced with gorgeous melodies. Originally premiering in 1718 at the Teatro dei Fiorentini in Naples, this seminal opera is not to be missed.

For more information, please visit Underworld Productions Opera.

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LMCC Grantee Rebeca Tomas Presents A Palo Seco: Cinco por Cinco

Rebeca Tomas A Palo Seco: Cinco por Cinco Friday, May 17, 8PM Saturday, May 18, 8PM Sunday, May 19, 3PM Theatre 80, 80 St. Marks Place A Palo Seco Flamenco Company returns to Theatre 80 for a third season, presenting a new production Cinco Por Cinco, a show that encompasses a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance. Don’t miss out on what has been described as "awesomely fiery" (The New York Times) and "a feast for the eyes and the ears" (Theater Online). A post-show discussion will follow.

For more information, please visit A Palo Seco Flamenco Company.

Around Town Opportunities

Grant Deadline:  2013 French-American Jazz Exchange due May 31

French-American Jazz Exchange Application Deadline Approaching!

The application for the 2013 French-American Jazz Exchange ("FAJE") program is due May 31, 2013. The application and program guidelines are available here

About the Program:

A program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation ("MAAF") and FACE ("French-American Cutlural Exchange"), FAJE supports projects designed collaboratively by French and American professional musicians that encourage artistic exploration, foster intercultural dialogue, and contribute to the dynamism of jazz. Projects eligible for support can include creative residencies, composition, recording, performances, and other activities that develop new professional relationships and audiences. Projects may include jazz artists in France and the United States investigating forms other than jazz with artists who work in different music genres.


MAAF Staff conducted three webinars reviewing program guidelines and online application. An archived video of the final webinar can be found here.

Questions? American applicants should direct their questions to Josh Kohn, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Program Officer, Jazz & Traditional Arts josh@midatlanticarts.org

French applicants should contact jazz@facecouncil.org

Around Town Opportunities

Call for applications: NYC DOT Summer Streets 2013

Application deadline has been extended to Friday, May 24th.

This year as part of Summer Streets 2013, DOT is interested in presenting dance, music and theatrical performances along the route. Two stages are available for programming: Uptown Rest Stop at 51st Street and Park Avenue and Foley Square Rest Stop at Duane Street and Centre Street. Each presenter is allotted a half hour time slot at a given stage. Visit http://www.nyc.gov/summerstreets for more information on the program, download the application (PDF) and email it to summerstreets@dot.nyc.gov if you’d like to propose a performance for this year’s event!


Summer Streets partners with local nonprofit organizations to host activities, workshops and demonstrations along the route. Tents (10” x 10”) are setup at all five rest stops: Uptown, Midtown, Astor Place, SoHo and Foley Square. Download the applications (pdf) to bring your organization to Summer Streets!

Email bsummerstreets@dot.nyc.gov if you’d like to participate in this year’s event.

Around Town Events

State of the Arts Ecosystem: Arts & Cultural Policy Panel, May 16

Emerging Leaders of New York Arts and World Policy Institute present:


Thursday, May 16 @ 7pm

Issue Project Room (22 Boerum Place in Downtown Brooklyn)

A Panel Discussion with:

Caron Atlas, Director, Arts & Democracy Project & Co-Director, NOCD-NY

Jamie Bennett, Chief of Staff & Director of Public Affairs, NEA

Paul Nagle, Executive Director, Cultural Strategies Initiative

Edwin Torres, Associate Director of New York City Opportunities Fund & Innovation, Rockefeller Foundation

Moderated by: Jacqueline Davis, Executive Director, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

Join us for conversation and libations with thought leaders from across the cultural spectrum. This panel discussion will explore recent and emerging trends in arts philanthropy and cultural policy in NYC and across the country. We'll unpack the complex questions surrounding these important issues, learn about the approaches of various institutions, and examine the roles they play, individually and collectively, in shaping our cultural landscape. No matter what area of the arts you work in – this conversation affects you! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to engage in a spirited discussion with our panel of experts and your peers.

Suggested Donation $10

For more information and to RSVP: http://www.elnya.org/

Around Town Events

Make Wall Street Park Bloom! May 18 Community Day

Saturday May 18, 2013

10AM- 12PM

110 Wall Street

Free event

The Downtown Alliance invites you to join them and your neighbors as we plant new flowers and spruce up Wall Street Park. In addition to gardening for all, there will be kid friendly activities like face painting and balloon making. The Downtown Alliance will provide the plantings, the tools, and the top soil, you bring some elbow grease. Together we'll make Wall Street Park bloom and the kids will have a blast too. Light refreshments available, provided by Whole Foods.