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LMCC Artists Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi Present their Project LIQUID DOOR at SculptureCenter.

Workspace Artists Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi will curate the screening of Jacques Cousteau’s documentary World Without Sun and present their project LIQUID DOOR on Saturday May 30th at 3.30 at SculptureCenter for The University of Trash.

LIQUID DOOR A project by Isola and Norzi

World Without Sun (93 minutes, 1964) is a documentary by Jacques Cousteau that chronicles Conshelf II, the first ambitious attempt to create an environment in which men could live and work on the sea floor. Five oceanauts lived 33 feet down in the Red Sea off Port Sudan in a starfish shaped house for 30 days. The undersea colony was supported with air, water, food and power; on the bottom a number of experiments intended to determine the practicality of working and domestic living underwater were performed. This astonishing science-fiction-like documentary received wide international theatrical distribution, and was awarded an Academy Award as well as numerous other honors. 45 years later World Without Sun is almost completely forgotten, but the structure of the Starfish House, is still in its same underwater location. Corals, seaweed, mussels and anemones now cover the interior and the exterior of its futuristic-designed and idealistic forms. The sea is taking its possession again, slowly changing the shapes into something even more organic. The abandoned forms are a sculptural living museum of themselves. The liquid door, created just by the pressure of the air inside the house, used to be the only untouchable surface dividing the intimacy of the domestic from the wildness of the oceans: an ever-calm lake, a magic mirror that reflects the bottom of the sea.


“Each yard of depth we claimed in the sea would open to mankind 300,000 cubic kilometers of living space.”

Isola and Norzi’s project LIQUID DOOR is to revive the dream of living underwater. Using simple floatable devices like transparent plastic balloons to seal up the Starfish House’s broken portholes, it will be possible to pump in pressured air again, giving a new breath back to such a lost lung. The concept is to recreate the conditions to cross once more the liquid door, now passing through the mirror to enter inside some sort of Alice-in-Waterland space. Filling up this unique room with atmosphere and recreate a human-life situation; smocking cigarettes, listening to music, playing chess or having a glass of wine. A temporary and specific installation to perform a tribute to one of the most poetic moment of the relationship between mankind and sea.

SculptureCenter 44-19 Purves Street Long Island City 718 361 1750