Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island

  • Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island

  • Resident Artist Hidemi Tagaki working in her studio.

  • Faye Driscoll Dance Group presenting an Open Rehearsal in the rehearsal studios.

  • Floating World, a group exhibition in the gallery featuring works by previous resident artists.

  • Resident Collaborative The Friendly Falcons and Their Friend the Snake rehearsing in their studio for an upcoming performance.

  • Resident Choreographer Christopher Williams leading a discussion following a performance of his work in the rehearsal studios.

  • Visual Artist Christina Kelly’s studio during an Open House.

  • Exhibiting Artist Matthew Jensen leading a gallery tour of his solo exhibition, Searching for Something Lost or Forgotten on Governors Island.

A former Army warehouse embedded in the midst of Governors Island’s picturesque landscapes, expansive waterfront views, and unique historic architecture, Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island – with 20 studios for visual artists, 2 rehearsal spaces for performing artists, and a Gallery space – is multipurpose, multidisciplinary arts center for both artists and audiences alike.

Throughout the year, LMCC’s Arts Center is a shared, multidisciplinary space where participating artists can experience a retreat-style residency just a short ferry ride from the frenetic buzz of the city. While on the Island, artists develop their practice and create new works, drawing inspiration from the unique location, as well as the community of fellow visual and performing artists-in-residence that forms in the space.

During the summer season, LMCC and artists-in-residence welcome visitors into both the Gallery and the studios. As a visitor to Building 110 this summer, you can look forward to discovering new artists, engaging with the artistic process, and enjoying the experience of art-going in this stunning parkland setting.

For more information upcoming events at Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center click here.

Currently at Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island

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Public Programming Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island

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Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company

LMCC grantee Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company returns to LaMaMa this April with their signature combination of puppetry and dance theatre in “Seucy and Boto: Stories from the Amazon Jungle.”

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